Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday in San Diego

My usual Saturdays consist of sleeping in (until 8-9am), going to a local coffee shop with E and 3-4 friends for several hours. Then we go home and I do chores, work in my garden and read while E studies. I love my low key weekends, but love when the routine is interrupted.

Last week I realized that a Groupon I had for the Fig Tree Cafe in Pacific Beach was expiring, so I emailed my MIL asking her to go along with me since she had recommended the cafe to me in the first place.


We were nervous about weather, (there is outdoor seating only) but in true SoCal fashion, the sun burst out that morning and by the time we arrived for breakfast it was over 70 and not a cloud in the sky.


We split an order of waffles with maple brown sugar apple topping, and their classic Windnsea omelet which is cooked with fresh mushrooms, tomato and spinach.

plus toast, fruit and potatoes!


I enjoyed a latte (of course!) and the sunshine.


I’m so thankful for a great MIL who lives so close to us!

That afternoon E and I caught The Winter’s Tale at the Old Globe using their discount program for those under 30.


the view right outside the theatre

The performance was great and since we’ve caught so many of them this year, we recognized a lot of the actors from previous Shakespeare plays. (we even sat in the audience near the star of Taming of the Shrew!)

The play got out just in time for us to catch the sunset at an early dinner at Level C, the outdoor eating area of Island Prime on Harbor Drive. The setting was gorgeous, and the food delicious. It was E and I’s first non-fast food date night in a long while.


No food pics because I think E would be a little bit embarrassed of his blogging wife. I got a roasted lamb on a rosemary roll and it was incredible—especially the sweet relish topping. E got a burger.


We were stuffed but this view was definitely the dessert!


We can be total homebodies, but it was nice to get home around 9pm and have time to unwind.

Do you go out most weekends, or is it a more rare occasion?


beka said...

Sounds like a great weekend, and those views are incredible! We generally have low-key weekends but definitely love a weekend of different things to see and good food to eat every now and then!

carly d said...

I heart C Level. And I have BOGO deal there through work, so let me know next time you are planning a dinner date!

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