Monday, November 15, 2010

Everything is more romantic in Italy

Have you ever watched a movie and spent as much time admiring the scenery as enjoying the plot?
The other night I mentioned I watched Letters to Juliet. It's a sweet movie about an aspiring magazine writer on a trip to Verona where she discovers the fabled house of Juliet--including a wall which bears the letters of lovesick women seeking the advice of Juliet.
Much of the movie takes place on the Tuscan countryside where the main character finds herself on an adventure to find the true love of a woman who wrote Juliet a letter 50 years earlier.

I loved the movie not only for the sweet storyline, but the amazing views of Verona and Tuscany. While E and I didn't have a chance to see Verona on our honeymoon, we spent several days touring the towns of Tuscany and admiring beautiful views, such as this one:



The film even included a scene in Siena's city square:



This view does incredible things to the romantic in anyone

*all photos taken by me on our honeymoon, June '09

Next girls night, pull out this movie and a bottle of chianti--you won't regret it!

(and if it leaves you craving more, Under the Tuscan Sun is another movie that wins in romantic Italian scenery)


Taren said...

I want to go there so bad!! Is the food as amazing as it is in my vacation fantasies? lol

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

I havent seen the film but I love that part of Italy.

I was just there in August being a bridesmaid at my friends wedding; they got married in the town hall in Siena so as you can imagine when we came out into the square it was packed with people desperate to see the bride!

beka said...

I've been wondering if that movie is any good! I'm going to have to check it out. One of the most relaxing nights I had in recent memory involved an empty house, a large bottle of red wine, and watching a movie with no one yakking at me to do this or ask about that... :)

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I watched the movie, and loved it for the scenery. I spent a semester i Italy, and visiting Sienna, and having dinner in Chianti, was absolutely my favorite part of the entire trip. I am going to have to go back one day...

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