Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's Good at Trader Joe's

A few weeks ago I made a very rare visit to Trader Joe's. We have one close, but it's just not on my regular circuit of grocery stores, since I have a lot of great markets like Sprouts nearby. So just before leaving I threw out the question on Twitter

You guys gave me some amazing suggestions! I've been working my way through a few at a time during each visit to Trader Joe's, but here's the list in its fullness for you to enjoy.
  • speculoos cookie butter ✓ (yay for my dutch heritage! I grew up eating the cookies that this spread is made of, so not only is it amazingly delicious, it is nostalgic)
  • wine ✓ 
  • hummus ✓ (E and I eat a good amount of hummus and we were amazed at how much better TJ's is vs. almost every other kind we've tried)
  • pretzel thins ✓ (pair with cookie butter)
  • chocolate covered: pretzel thins ✓ (see above), almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar ✓ (cannot recommend enough; we are addicted), raisins, caramels, orange sticks, coconut bonbons, s'mores, pistachio toffee
  • goddess dressing ✓ (really good on spinach salad)
  • Italian truffle cheese ✓
  • lemon pasta
  • plain tart frozen yogurt
  • salsa autentica
  • double-roasted salsa
  • dried blueberries
  • mint chocolate covered espresso beans
  • kettle corn
  • mingling olives
  • a fig walked into a bar bars
  • pesto
  • edamame nuggets
  • Crotin goat cheese trio
  • almond milk yogurt
  • pizza dough
  • vegetable tempura birds nests
  • ice cream mochi
  • frozen fire-roasted corn
Anything else?

The loot from @traderjoes. Can't wait to get them in my belly.

Edited to add:
p.s. see also the comments section on this post at elefantitas algres
p.p.s. just found the blog What's Good at Trader Joe's

I am apparently not the first to ask this question!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Washington DC travel advice needed!

After an amazing weekend in Carpinteria, hanging out with Rainn Wilson, we're off again. ...this time to Washington D.C because E's best friend is getting married!

We are going to have just a day to sight-see so we want to pick 1 or 2 things to see, and one place to eat to keep things manageable.

So, DC area people - what is your favorite thing or two to do in DC? (bonus points if they are close together/easily accessed by public transport) If you had to pick one place to eat, where would it be?
E and I have both been to DC before (years ago) and seen some of the big sights like the Washington Monument, White House, etc, so I'm thinking a Smithsonian? But what do I know.

Also, it turns out, I'm going to be free Friday evening while the guys have their bachelor party shenanigans, so anything you'd recommend I do that evening?

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