Saturday, November 20, 2010

TV and time

I have a much greater respect for people who blog daily. Since starting NaBloPoMo I feel like I am constantly trying to relate what I'm thinking and doing into my next blog post. It's' a lot of pressure!

Still, here I am on November 20th and still going, (albeit not going strong).

I have been hearing from a LOT of people lately, both in real life and in the blog world, talk about Modern Family. I currently only watch a couple shows every week: Community, Parenthood and 30 Rock.

We don't have have cable and don't watch any prime-time tv, so I rely on Netflix and Hulu. Generally we keep TV viewing to a minimum because its so easy to get sucked in and spend hours in front of it.
But I might be convinced to pick up Modern Family if I keep hearing what I do from such a diverse mix of people!

Speaking of tv shows--Glee, what gives? I'm kind of over you.

What are your top three tv shows?


Anonymous said...

Top 3 tv shows:


If I could add a few more, I'd add Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and The Mentalist.

Taren said...

How I met your Mother
Rules of Engagement
Gossip Girl

Caitlin said...

Parenthood! Bahhh! I love it.
30 Rock
The Office
and sometimes Glee. I'm losing the love too. Although I did really like the Gweneth episode last week. And, Wil's friend Kenley was a very visible extra in the cafeteria a couple of times---so that was exciting :)

Tailor Made Pet Sitting said...

1) Real Housewives..ANY cast ;-)
2) How I Met Your Mother
3) Nightline

Now isn't THAT a random mix?! LOL!

beka said...

Seriously Modern Family? BEST!

Katie said...

Modern Family is great - highly recommend it! We just started watching Glee this season, and are catching up on 1st season via Netflix. So far we're liking 1st season better too.
Raising Hope (on after Glee) is really funny too. I'm liking Outsourced as well.

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