Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breakfast: The most un-fun meal of the day

I really don't like breakfast on work days. I get sick of cereal really quickly, and never have time to cook eggs or waffles like I might on a weekend. (I LOVE weekend breakfasts). I'm always rushed and I don't enjoy the making or eating process.

For almost all my teenage years through college, I never ate breakfast. I'm rarely hungry until a couple hours after I've woken up, and then I just would tough it out til early lunch--snacking on twix or granola bars (the non-healthy kind)
Now because I feel like it's the right thing to do, I try to eat something. But I'm forever grabbing a muffin or applesauce at 7am before leaving work and then I'm really hungry again by 9:30am.

I've recently started following a blog called Kath Eats Real Food where she documents each of her meals(among other things). Her breakfast look incredibly healthy and full of nutrition, almost always an oatmeal variation. (if you love oatmeal and healthy eating you should definitely check out the blog!)

It would have inspired me, except for one thing: I can't eat oatmeal. Just can't.

Believe me--I love the idea of oatmeal, it looks and smells good--and I know its good for me, but the minute a spoonful goes in my mouth I start gagging. Texture only bothers me with two foods--mealy beans and oatmeal. But it is really bad.

This morning while eating my applesauce (again) I started brain storming other quick, healthy, and edible breakfast options.
Whenever I buy bananas, I make a peanut butter banana smoothie. This is easily my favorite breakfast, but I don't buy bananas too often since E won't eat them. I'm also afraid of getting sick of this because it's bound to happen if I make it too often.
My MIL often makes fruit smoothies with frozen fruit and yogurt. I'm not sure why I haven't tried this yet!

Then I thought I should try to make granola. I could eat it with yogurt or milk like cereal or just plain with a piece of fruit.
I would make it myself--buying it just seems silly to me when I know I could make it for about 1/5 of the cost. I'm looking for a delicious recipe, so if you've made your own and love it--please share!

What do you usually have for breakfast?
Do you love the most important meal of the day or are annoyed by it--like me?


Laura @ Wine and Cheese, Please said...

I love breakfast. I usually eat yogurt and fruit (mango, banana, strawberry, blueberries, or a combo of those) and maybe half of a toasted english muffin.

Amy's has excellent breakfast burritos too, though they can be a little expensive.

Andnowlights said...

I eat Post Great Grains cereal. It's pretty good! You could do what my mom did when we were little- she'd make a HUGE batch of pancakes on the weekend then freeze them and thaw them in the microwave weekday mornings! They weren't AS good as fresh but they were still good!

Katie said...

It's like you're speaking my mind! We have the same problem with breakfast. I usually go back and forth between cereal, toast, and bananas with OJ and or milk. I am with you 100% on oatmeal!!! I used to love it, but now I cannot stand it. I'll get it in my head that I'll try this "new kind" but it always makes me gag! I love the smoothie idea - I'll have to try that! How about "hot cereal" like Farina?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog information. I love oatmeal recipes. I could eat oatmeal every work day. I try to have oatmeal or a smoothie every work day for breakfast. It's an easy thing I can either drink on the run or make at my desk at work.

In a dream world, I would prefer eggs for breakfast all the time, but that would require waking up earlier and who actually wants to do that?

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

i hate weekday brakfasts too since I'm never hungry before I leave for work. Usually I would have oatmeal though since it's healthy!

Taren said...

Breakfast is hard on weekdays for me too. I used to work closer to home and I would make a smoothie in my magic bullet and take it to work to drink that was awesome. You can put oatmeal in them to make them more filling.
Now I commute for over an hour so I just have a slice of toast with jam and cream cheese and fruit and stuff. I also sometimes take hard boiled eggs and snack on those!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried freezing bananas? My FI won't eat them either, so I buy a bunch, peel 'em and wrap 'em up in foil and then throw them in the freezer. Then, when I make smoothies, I don't need to use ice.

chelsea said...

I love KERF!! She writes such a great blog. :)

HereBeDragons said...

Ok, I gotta concur on the oatmeal. I even try those little MaltOMeal packets when I run out of milk for my cereal and have to find a breakfast alternative (especially if I've also run out of bread). I can't do it. Slimey. Gooey.

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