Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Hosts

On Wednesday, all 6 members of my immediate family descend into San Diego for the Thanksgiving weekend. I can't wait!


For privacy purposes, and because I like dorky blog nicknames:
Brother Java, White Choc, Mamalatte, Caramel, Papalatte, Latte and E(spresso?)

can't forget White Choc's new hubby, BIL Americano!

I've spent the last few weeks trying to plan activities that all of them (with very different interests) would enjoy. We only have about two and a half days to sight see, with Thanksgiving and travel time. Here are some of our must-stops for the long weekend.

Peterson's Donut Corner

img 185



(p.s. click on photos to see sources)

You can probably tell some of these places are our favorites, because we take all our visitors to them :-)

Are you hosting relatives for thanksgiving, traveling or staying nearby?


lauralove. said...

So exciting! I sometimes wish my family lived farther away just so we could make a big deal of visiting/having visitors for holidays.
Also, what do you get at El Indio? Sure, their chips are interesting, but neither my husband nor I were impressed with our food. at all. And so many people seem to love it. We go to Lucha Libre right down the street. mmm.

Emily (The Culinary Couple) said...

I'm tucking away this post for our own trip to San Diego next month! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your family!

Katie said...

Laura--we love their chips, salsa fresca, and San Diego burrito or California burrito. I also love the tacos.
we stop there every trip to the airport!

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