Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I have a confession to make: I have not gotten the holiday bug yet.

All over Twitter I've been reading about people turning on Christmas music, setting up decorations, and shopping.

I'm just not ready for it!

I haven't been a huge Christmas person the last few years, but other than the freezing temps here lately, it just doesn't seem like time yet. (doesn't it always creep up on us?)

(a bowl of ornaments I put on our mantle in lieu of a tree last year)

We also have limited decorations, and E's not interested in getting a tree since we won't be here on Christmas day (We'll be back in the Chicago area with my family)
I will probably put up our few things in hopes it will get me in the holiday spirit.

Thanks to (and their wishlists),, and my laptop for giving me a stress-free shopping experience, which will commence tonight.

Are you ready for the holiday season or is it taking you a while to get in the mood this year, like me?


EmilyB said...

I literally JUST wrote something similar in a comment on another blog. I have zero Christmas/holiday spirit this year. And I feel like a bad person because, as you said, it seems like EVERYONE is all about it right now. I'm sure I'll get there, but the holidays just stress me out so it's going to take at least another week or so.

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

I'm SO ready. :) But in San Diego it was always hard to feel Christmasey--the weather's all off. I always liked going to Balboa Park to see the lights though! And hanging out at the Living Room in downtown La Jolla.

steph c said...

I'm trying SO hard to get into it.. kind of forcing myself, actually, and it's sort of working but not entirely. Thanksgiving just came way too fast for me this year and I'm in denial that it already happened. Why is time going by so fast?!

Katie said...

I'm in between. I really want to get our Christmas tree, but with two maniac dogs who will likely destroy it- I don't know. The Christmas tree is usually what puts me in the spirit, so I'm not so into it right now. I'm more "lets get all the darn shopping done already" than anything else.

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