Friday, November 26, 2010

The Story of Us: Opportunity & 4000 miles

Catch up on our story here.

When the spring term resumed I was taking 18 credits, a section editor for my school paper, and working a campus job. I wasn't getting involved enough on campus to really meet people and make friends.
As time ticked by through winter, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with my college choice (I had chosen it primarily to avoid a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend). I wasn't enjoying my program and started looking into transferring to another school, even though it would mean an extra year before graduation.

Studying, circa Dec. 2006

Things were tense and unsettled with my then-boyfriend of a year. We had trouble finding common ground, and I began to realize our expectations didn't mesh.

All these tensions built up into a big argument in early February. I effectively said I was over the relationship, without breaking up. Laid out my reasons why it wasn't working. I was so proud of myself for standing up after months of deference and passivity.
We had a rocky few weeks and broke up in early March.

I didn't know how to be anything but crushed. Despite the slow breakdown of the relationship, it had still been my first. I allowed myself to succumb to the depression of a first break up and was having a rough time.

In the midst of that, I knew that my roommate was still staying in close touch with E and Alex in the UK, and I occasionally popped in on their Skype chats.
But I'm still not sure I can pinpoint why, a few weeks after the breakup, I sent E a random message alluding to my singleness, asking for prayer, and wishing him well.

I didn't think I was expecting a response, but when a few days passed and I hadn't heard anything, I found myself feeling pretty disappointed...


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