Sunday, January 4, 2009

a tiny accomplishment and a not-so-tiny dissapointment: only a blogger would understand

As I was posting another comment on the WeddingBee boards I noticed something exciting:

This is probably completely insignificant to most of you, but recently WeddingBee added a Bee level feature which allowed them to track the comments made on boards and blog posts. I feel like I've been a Newbee forEVER, so it was exciting to see the progress I've made in being active on the boards and blog.

But the much more dissapointing news. I got this email in my inbox on my last day in California...


I know I should set my expectations low when it comes to something like this. Only 5% or so of WannaBee's that apply actually get in. Besides, other than the long-distance aspect of my relationship and my awesome engagement , our wedding is probably too run of the mill. No destination wedding, quirky or blended family, crazy themes.

But it makes me feel like I gotta step it up in the bloggin world. So look out bride bloggers--more creativity, wit, and charm is coming your way.

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AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Hey girl don't be discouraged! Even the hive says sometimes you have to apply many times before you get accepted.

I never applied b/c i have a very long engagement... and then when Weddzilla and Get Married TV's Blogger Brides asked me to be a blogging bride i was excited to. Then i later found out, i am now excluded from applying to weddingbee b/c i blog elsewhere... BOOO!

BUT, the good news is, your blog is great - there are other places to blog for, and it never hurts to try again at weddingbee! :)


AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

PS. I added you to my Link Library

LA said...

I wanted to blog for weddingbee too.
:( :(
Their loss!

starfish said...

I want to blog for them too, you should try again! I also heard that it takes some peopel a few tries to get accepted. I'll be reading your blog regardless though! :)

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