Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Body Image, part two

See part one for the introduction to this series. Some of these pictures are hard to post...I'm not used to showing off my insecurities!

Insecurity #2: My left eye

This is probably my least favorite thing about myself...and there is nothing (I have found) that I can do to fix it.

I don't know if the technical term is "lazy eye" (that can't be truly correct, because my eye works just fine...), but my left eye does not open as wide as my right eye. When I smile, my right eye is wide open and my left eye is always squinting and almost closed. I smile BIG, all the time...and that magnifies the problem!
About 4 years ago I started noticing this and it has made me very self conscious of smiling. I have to focus very hard on keeping both eyes open, but that makes me looking frightened or confused instead of happy.

Some of my e-pics were ruined by this, and I'm so afraid of getting tired taking wedding pictures and letting my eye squint.

Here are some examples:

One of Mr LL's favorite engagement pictures, which I hate because of my eye!

disneyland with E and friends a couple years ago...I was tired.

halloween this year

I found it gets much worse when I am tired or drink alcohol or caffeine. So this latte lover is going to be going to bed on time on the night before her wedding, and drinking plain OJ in the morning, no lattes or mimosas :-(.

And just to convince myself that I'm not hopeless

Here is a photo of me trying very hard to keep both eyes open...it's not soo bad.

What are your body insecurities that have been magnified now that you are a bride-to-be?


AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

OMG! So far, we've got a lot of similar quirks... my left eye is smaller than my right... but i think b/c my right eye isn't so big to begin with (asian eyes ::sigh::) its not as noticeable... Lol.

You are adorable! Lol. Totally!


LA said...

You are ADORABLE!!! Seriously.
I used to be insecure about my HUGE smile, because it makes my eyes all crinkly and small. I got made fun of big time in middle school.
Also, I am about an inch taller than my fiance, so people used to give me a hard time. And I've been tall my entire life so that's always been kind of a struggle I live with.
The bible says that our weaknesses are His strengths though, so I try to look at mine as blessings :)
God bless you and your fiance and I can't wait to read more of your blog!!

Unknown said...

k, my love,
you are ridiculous. but i love you nonetheless.
as long as we're "venting": i have a ridiculously wrinkly forehead...in case you haven't noticed.
love & hugs

Goldie said...

I think your beautiful, and I know for sure you're going to make a gorgeous bride!

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