Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ties I just gotta have

I saw these wonderful ties over at Bridechka and the Wedding, from Etsy seller, Toybreaker, and now I'm coveting.
(especially the one on the right)

Our colors: sage green and brown.
Our mood: Ok, I know, I've talked about our mood/theme enough. fairytale woods/rustic(our reception venue is surrounded in oak trees!)

doesn't this just fit perfectly?

The problem? Fi wil never approve. It's so not his style, which I guess means, it's not our wedding's style. (I'm trying to be compromising here. trying!)


Brenn said...

I think you should show it to him anyway. Maybe he'll surprise you and like it?! Or if not for him then the groomsmen?

Amber Dixon said...

I have to agree! show them to him anyways... the worst thing he can do is say no. And if he does maybe offer the groomsmen!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

These are so cute!!! You could always be a diva and say he has to?? Haha, just kidding!

Jenn said...

Those are awesome, and so unique!

I love your blog...so I passed on an award to you! Check my blog for details :)

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