Wednesday, January 28, 2009

centerpiece mockup

You may remember when I purchased my first wedding-related items. I had a vision for a centerpiece I hadn't seen an exact replica of yet. Over the last few weeks, I've been accumulating wedding items (vases, ribbons, baskets, etc) and dropping them off in aunt jet's spare bedroom (also known as "my room" when I spend the night :-) ) for storage.

I went over there this week and she wanted to show my something! This is what I saw...

A mockup of our table centerpieces, made with a dried green hydrangea bunch from her garden. I love how aunt jet sprinkled the extra stones around the votives!

It's perfect! We bought little stones from the dollar store and decided that we would need 2 bags for every 3 centerpieces. Total of $12

We're going to use votives which came as one piece in the glass (slightly different from what's in the picture) Package of 12 for $5 X 5 packages = $25

Fishbowl vases $1.75 x 23 (we now only need 18 but are keeping the extra just in case!) $40

The only thing left to buy are the flowers, which should be around $130 from Fifty Flowers if we have to buy them (aunt jet has two or three large bushes and if they're blooming--they're free!)

So centerpiece total (barring any unforeseen design changes) = $207

That's less than $12 a table, folks.

That won't be the end table cost total as we still need table numbers, etc. But I am pretty freakin' happy with my super cheap centerpieces that are exactly what I want...and that I can still include fresh flowers!


i do monograms said...

very pretty! and what a great deal! :)

My Dream Ring said...

I really love the simplicity of the centerpiece but it makes a HUGE statement! So pretty!

**Where did you get the fishbowl vases?? I really need some, about 6 to be exact!

Unknown said...

i remember picking those out with you : )
looks good chickadee!
i'm baking tomorrow if you're interested in cake and catching up [although i know you're kind of anti-cake...i have brownies left too!]

Hannah said...

That's awesome!! Very chic and affordable-- way to go ;)

Brandi said...

I love the sprinkled pebbles

hisMrs said...

Those are VERY cute! They will go great with your colors! :) And yes, 3 columns is awesome!!! :) It is wayyy more organized now!!

hisMrs said...

P.S. I agree that the sprinkled pebbles are very cute!

melissa said...

I love it, especially the stones.

anna k said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and am enjoying perusing it. The centerpieces are lovely. Have you looked for hydrangeas through Sam's Club? They offer 20 stems for half the price of 50 flowers (see link below or go to "bulk floral" on There's a strong chance this is what my fiance and I will be doing for our florals. There are lots of reviews online by brides who were really, really happy with the flowers. Best of luck!

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