Monday, January 5, 2009

My Blog TItle

Sorry for the confusion--but I figure I'm new enough to blogging to change my name.
I feel a little bit of pressure to have a really creative witty name like:

Relentless Bride
Broke-Ass Bride

and many others. But alas, I can't fool anyone. I'm far from creative. [But boy, do I try.]

When I was thinking about the type of bride I want to be know as, instead of referring to my creativity, my wedding theme, or my ability to budget, I kept thinking that the biggest thing about this wedding is that it is a launching pad for a lifelong marriage. In less than 6 months, E becomes my husband and I become his wife. I still can't get over how blessed I've been.

So, while this blog is all about planning for the big day, I think I'll start writing a little more about my planning for the marriage.

My situation is a little unique in that not only do E and I not live together....we live over 2,000 miles away from eachother. And will be long distance for the entire length of our engagement.

So marriage for us means, moving out of our parents homes (we're living there for purely monetary reasons for our first year out of college because we knew this wedding and many $ expenses were coming), my moving out of state and out of the Chicago suburbs for the first time in my life--all the way across the country to a new climate, culture, and lifestyle in many ways. A new job, a first home together (whether it be a house, condo or apartment), a new roommate.

It's exciting and scary, but I can't wait.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me!


AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

OMG! I'm so not creative. lol. but thank you for the shout out! 1 day, my friend and i were bouncing ideas off each other. she had to go home, and like 2 minutes after she got offline, i started texting her... she said "OMG, you are RELENTLESS"... ta da, and that's how it came about... I think just start brainstorming... words, phrases etc, and it'll definitely come to you :)

Thanks for the link love and shout out! :)


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