Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifted Challenge complete

I had a lot of fun putting together outfits the past few weeks. Getting up earlier in the morning gives me time to think about what I could wear before standing in front of my closet for 5 minutes drawing a blank.

Thrifted: Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

(there is so much awkwardness that happens before an acceptable picture. You can tell the days in which I only had time for 3 shots before getting to work.)

Thrifted: Seychelles shoes and teal belt

Thrifted: Ann Taylor jacket, handbag, gold bow shoes

Thrifted: polka dot top and cropped pants


But I've gotten several compliments lately that I've become 'more adventurous' and fun, so thats encouraging. and I've worn every newly purchased piece at least once!

Thrifted: H&M marching band blazer

Picnik collage

Thrifted: red belt and Seychelles shoes
shabby apple dress

Thrifted: gray belt
macy's dress

I feel like I've now got so many thrifted items in my wardrobe that it doesn't matter what I put together, it's almost certain that at least one item will have been thrifted! I am going to try to start tagging my photos in Flickr so I can easily track how I wear different pieces

American Apparel dress

My favorites are the marching band blazer and skirt outfit, and the ruffle dress with teal cardigan ensemble.

It is SO easy to get into a rut with pieces you regularly wear (this teal top go with those gray pants) over and over. So my next personal style challenge is to not repeat an outfit I've already worn (ever) in the next month!

If you'd like, follow along on Flickr, or my new Style Tumblr.


Anonymous said...

You are seriously rocking the thrifted looks! I love all the layering you do. I always have a hard time "accessorizing" outfits. I need to come back here for inspiration. Following the tumblr!

Maya said...

Love all of these, especially the polka dot top!

Anonymous said...

Great choices, I love that green cardigan!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

WHERE are you going? We need a thrifting date because when I go I feel lost! These are great items! I am loving all of those belts, especially the teal one!

P.S. I am totally emailing you right now about our breakfast....

Oh hello, Love said...

I just found your blog from wedding bee. I love love your style!

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