Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer plans

I can't believe I'm posting this. We got some exciting news about our summer a few weeks ago that I'm happy to share.

Wanna guess? Here's a clue:

Here's another

give up?

We are heading to Milan!

The story:
E usually has church internship opportunities in the summer as part of his degree program in seminary. Last summer he was somewhat local (Inland Empire area, about an hour away) and we've been talking for months about what he could do this summer. It didn't feel urgent, because he's completed his requirements, so any internship would just be for more experience.

A couple of weeks ago a local pastor in our denomination asked E if he'd be interested in interning full time at a church in Italy for eight weeks. We were shocked, thrilled, and totally overwhelmed by trying to figure out if we could swing it. (But how could we say no?)

The internship is not paid, but room and board is included. We have to get there, as well as have money for anything we buy there. We started praying about it, especially that we would go for the right reason (I mean, it is Italy after all. its easy to think we would do whatever it takes to get there)
After a week of prayer, some difficult news, and some real blessings we bought our plane tickets.

[For those of you that follow on Twitter, this was the mega stress of a few weeks ago. Trying to figure out if my work would let me go for any amount of time longer than my one week of vacation]

My job is allowing me to work remotely part-time for three additional weeks (not as much as I hoped for, but far more than I deserve!) so I can be there for the whole month of June.

We're still going to NYC, then flying out of NYC to Milan. I'll stay for almost four weeks, and E will stay for all eight.

We've been to Milan before on our honeymoon--it's no Florence or Venice, but we're also just a two hours train ride from some really amazing sites! (I'm secretly hoping we get to go back and hike Cinque Terre)


E's schedule only allows him one day off per week, so I'm sure I'll be using some of my extra time off to explore on my own.


I am still a little in shock that we'll be spending our 2nd anniversary where we spent our first weeks of married life. E is thrilled about the church where he'll be serving, and I'm excited to see another side of Italy--this time not as tourists!


chelsea said...

That's amazing! I'm so excited for you guys and am super excited to watch your adventure via the blog! You will share, right? :)

Jessica Lynn said...

That's SOOOOOO exciting!!! I'm really happy for you guys and hope you enjoy your time out there :)

Sara McCarty said...

Shut up!! This is so amazing!! I'm dying of jealousy!!

Emily (The Culinary Couple) said...

This is fantastic news! What a wonderful opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Jealous! I've been to Verona, but not the rest of Italy. Have a good time!

Taren said...

That is so awesome!! Congrats girl you deserve it! Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

How Exciting! I have Italy on my "bucket list".

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to hear about your experiences there.

Layla said...

This is so awesome!! I'm so glad your company was willing to work with you so that you can go. So excited for you!!!

beka said...

That is incredible! I'm so happy for you - I'm sure it's been very stressful as you've been trying to figure out how to make all the necessary details work, but I'm so glad that you've got it all sorted out - what a great time you will have!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Sounds amazing; Ive never been to Milan, just Venice, Florence & Rome but would like to visit some day!

I hope you have the most amazing summer; it will be fantastic.

Thats great your work are able to let you work part time as well but I cant believe you only get one week of vacation! Its funny how different countries are so different with things like that; I get 4 weeks of holiday time to take whenever I want as a few bank holidays and time off at Christmas / New Year, however thats the minimum in the UK and many of my friends & family get a lot more.

steph c said...

This is so exciting!! You guys will have such a blast!!

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