Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Oprah Necklace

I've been wanting tell this story for a long time, but I'm just finally getting around to it.

You have seen these pearls, many many times, including at my wedding!

photo by LHP



I'm not sure if I mentioned this on my blog before, my grandfather is a [retired] jeweler

About 12 years ago he was the president of the Illinois Jeweler's Association. And he received a call from the Oprah show as they were getting ready to produce a holiday show. They wanted someone to show real pearls vs fakes to see if an untrained eye could tell the difference.

My grandpa brought along real pearls
(this is my 18th birthday gift-a real string of pearls)

and fake pearls for the show. (this string!)

As far as I know he didn't speak on the show, though he might have been shown on the camera (he was in the front row).
I've always loved this string, even though I knew it was fake. I convinced my grandma to let me wear it for the wedding, and temporarily keep it [forever].

I never feel bad about taking it on trips or wearing it out, because its not really worth anything monetarily. But it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear!


Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that has a sentimental attachment or fun story?


Katie said...

I have a GORGEOUS string of champagne colored, imperfect pearls that I bought at a luau in Hawaii. I rarely wear them though - I'm afraid of losing/breaking them, and I rarely get dressed up,so they don't usually match my outfit. I have several rings that my mom & grandmother bought me as a child. They of course don't fit, but I will never get rid of them. Cute story!

♥ cheryl elisabeth said...

I love the fact that it was on Oprah! I would treasure that thing like nobody's business, and it could be a great conversation starter!

KSCoffeeGirl said...

I love your outfit in the last picture! You're adorable! :)

Amanda said...

Aw, that's so cool! I love that it has such a great story!

beka said...

What a great story! I was given a strand of pearls by one of the board members of my (former) job at a nonprofit, when I was transitioning into this new job. It was so special, because her husband had their jeweler make a strand of pearls with twisted hammered metal dots between each pearl, and given it to her for one of their early anniversaries. All these years later, she had the same jeweler make a strand just like hers, and she gave it to me. I wear it almost daily now!

steph c said...

I love pearls!! It even used to be my nickname in college because I wore them so much, lol.

My favorite piece of jewelry (beside my e-ring, of course!), is my open heart Tiffany ring that my mom got for me as a graduation gift. I love it more than anything.. wear it every day :)

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