Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chicago Blog Friend Meetup

I had such a great time last week in Chicago. (Traveling for work is a lot more fun with E along)

We arrived on Monday and I sent E off to get a hair cut in the 'burbs, while I went to meet up with Jenna and Anni. When we left after a couple hours, I felt like we could have easily sat and chatted for two more! I love meeting up with internet friends.

We met at Carnivale in the West Loop.
The food was delicious, and the restaurant colorful and vibrant.


Guacamole & chips + Ropas Viejas (sauce was YUM)



I've been following Jenna for almost three years! So happy we finally got to meet.


Her birthday was just a few days away so we celebrated with a free dessert.
(and splurged a little on #TWLC)


The three of us

I had such a great time going out with these ladies!


Caitlin said...

Glad to see you're getting some use out of that red jacket : ) Looks like a fun place!

Sara McCarty said...

Awesome!! I met Jenna a few months ago and just loved her! When are you coming to St. Louis so we can officially meet?? :)

carly d said...

um, adorable outfit in the photo shoot!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Adorable coat! I'm so jeal that you met up with Jenna... funny I saw the picture on her blog, and I was all "wait - she lives in San Diego!"

So fun you got to go to Chicago. I'm actually going there in May on a girls trip so I would love your tips!

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