Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicago: lattes, friends, photos

Katie-2 copy

I was thrilled that Anni, a not-so-fledgling photographer, agreed to take some photos for me last week in Chicago.

Many of you have already seen these shots, because Anni was SO quick at getting them posted! (there are a few new ones in this post!)

Katie-10 copy

Katie-8 copy

I'd been dying try a latte at Intelligentsia, so we met up again on Friday morning (late morning, thanks for your patience, Anni!)

Katie-11 copy

Its sort of awkward to get your photo taken alone. It wasn't that busy, but I felt a little self-conscious every time someone walked by, or slowed down to see what was going on. Anni made me feel really comfortable, and was super encouraging (she kept saying how much she loved the shots she was getting!)

Katie-12 copy

I wanted a headshot for this blog, so I thought it would be fun to get some shots with latte art in a coffee shop. (and p.s. I love lattes, but I've not had anything like Intelligentsia. YUM)

Anni had already scoped out the neighborhood and found some other great spots too.

Katie-20 copy

I'm amazed at what she accomplished in just over an hour. We had a lot of fun (despite the cold wind!)

Katie-24 copy

Katie-26 copy

Katie-28 copy

There are so many shots I love, but now I have to decide which one to use in my bio.
I hope you can help me choose! I've embedded a poll in this post so you can vote for your favorite.

Photo 1
Katie-4 copy

Photo 2
Katie-7 copy

Photo 3
Katie-13 copy

Photo 4
Katie-25 copy

Photo 5
Katie-29 copy

Thanks again, Anni for a wonderful morning, and some great photos!
obvs, all photos by Anni Cee Photographie


melinda said...

These turned out amazing! I need to get some more professional looking ones done too. Maybe over the summer. I voted for 4, but I love 2 as well - I like seeing your bright, smiling face close up!

Layla said...

I was torn between 1 and 4, but I voted for 1 since it has an actual latte in it. But honestly, they're all awesome!

Cathleya said...

You are so cute! Ani did a great job! I voted for 4 :)

Anonymous said...

I voted 4, but now I wish I voted 2 -- I know you aren't looking but I totally love it. You look beautiful, HOT outfit!

Mrs. Puma said...

I voted for #4 but I love them all! You're beautiful and Anni did a great job.

Sara McCarty said...

Awesome photos!! You are soooo adorable! They're all so good, it's hard to pick just one. I think #2 is my favorite though.

Laura said...

These are so cute! Anni is such a good photographer and you're so pretty!

Amanda said...

I love the first one! They're all awesome, though.

steph c said...

So hard because they are all seriously so good!! I was between 1 and 4.. but went with 1 because the pretty latte :))

Katie said...

SO cute! #2 is my favorite, but I think for the blog photo I'd say #3 because you're facing the camera. All very cute! I know I'd feel totally self conscious of being photographed on my own, but you rocked it girl!

Anonymous said...

This post just made my day. :) I had so much fun, too, thanks for being such an awesome client! I know being photographed alone is way tougher, but you definitely don't look like you felt awkward, and you don't look cold in them, either! For the record, for your blog photo my favorites are one and three! It's a tough choice though, I think you look great in all of them.


Cole said...

I love this series! Anni did some a great job! And you look gorgeous! I really love your scarf!

beka said...

You = adorable.

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