Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the wonderful world of shoes!

I am not a shoe person. I can identify with miss glitter, when she says she was content with $30 shoes until she became a bride-to-be. Suddenly I JUSTGOTTAHAVEIT syndrome crept in and I can't get enough shoes! I am seriously considering wear 3 pairs through the course of the wedding day. One for the ceremony, one for pictures, one for reception. Am I crazy?

Not when I am finding sexy shoes for $20-$60! At the very least I am thinking formal (but still sexy!) ivory shoes for the ceremony and something brown, satiny's and/or sparkly for the reception. (See my color palette below)

I am totally oblivious when it comes to brand names...I just don't care. I am all about a great deal and great shoes. (I realize this is not everyone, and I'm not hating!) But for those who just want cute feet and don't need to show off the name brand...this is the post for you!

Here are some of my absolute favs: (I found these all on of my favorite places to shoe-shop!)

Mia--Tango: $13.98
(or I could go with the fun plaid for the reception!)

Franco Sarto--Universe: $19.15

Coloriffics--Tori: $62 (IN ivory) $16.95 (in gold)

Coloriffics--Fantasy: $68

Coloriffics--Donna: $57

And Lastly, what a STEAL!!

Chinese Laundry--Jemmy: $12.99

HOpe you've enjoyed my heavenly romp into wedding-shoe land.
Now, can you help me decide?
Below is a good board to show my style and colors of the wedding.
Sage/Celadon green, chocolate brown (guys are wearing brown tuxes, girls brown sashes and green dresses) and ivory (for flowers, my dress, etc)
Our wedding ceremony is going to be a traditional on in our church, and our reception is at a country club. I want it to be rustic, elegant, woodsy, romantic, with a touch of fairy-tale (think hansel and gretel)


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