Thursday, December 18, 2008

his wedding band is here!

I know that this is about 3 months early on's ultimate checklist, but i have ordered and received (3 days later!!) E's wedding band.

After being so inspired by the bees' engagement ring photos, I decided to get a little creative with his band (and a little with my engagement ring...i don't have my band yet). Besides, with E not here to see it...I couldn't contain myself, I wanted to show him NOW!

So I took Anne Ruthman's advice for engagement rings and applied it to his band. It will be easier to do at his house in cali because there are backgrounds that would better suited to him and the ring. Bling is easier to photograph I learned...his band is made of tungsten and it is scratch free and indestructible. Unfortunately it is also as reflective as a mirror, so it's hard to see the color of the band when it is on any background.

I have a ton more ideas for my engagement ring....that post to come VERY soon!

But until then, here are just the few pics I took for my hubby of his man-band.


Anne said...

These are a great!! Can't wait to see what you do with better lighting conditions! It looks like your lens might need a little cleaning - see if it has any smudges on it... that's what my point & shoot photos look like when I have something on the lens. ;-)

Katie said...

eek! Wish I would've seen this comment before I took all the new ones. i think my camera does have a smudge on it...I never noticed until now, but all my pictures are a little blurry in the same spot!

Thanks for the tip! (and the compliment)

hisMrs said...

I love your boy's band! It is so simple and looks great next your your beautiful ring. Looks like a perfect match :)

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