Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update: Registry Blues

Remember my awful Macy's registry experience?

Well, just a few days later, I received an email survey from Macy's asking about my experience. I gave them pretty bad ratings (which was difficult for me to do! I didn't want to seem like a total bridezilla). But I followed them up with specific comments about what I was dissatisfied with: lack of service, lack of knowledgeable staff, limited selection, and being told to go online to do our registering (NOT an option for me when picking out bedroom sets and bathroom decor!)

I received a call from Sandy at Macy's--the woman who was off on the day we went to register. She applogized profusely and said she felt terrible about our bad experience. She convinced me not to give up on Macy's (however, we are finishing registering in California...the Macy's are much larger there). She is also planning to send me a Macy's gift card! (and the first thing FI says is: "For how much money? You mean you didn't ask how much?!"). NO dear, I didn't ask how much. I didn't expect a giftcard, but it was a nice gesture, and I appreciated their commitment to customer service.

(I fully believed all those customer surveys go into a black pit once submitted)

So Macy's has been moved back into a reputable place in my book. Though i still wouldn't recommend the Orland Square Macy's unless you call ahead and make sure Sandy is there.


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