Tuesday, December 16, 2008

time to slooooow down

This week I had my first bridal breakdown. It happened over several days, and I decided I needed to get away from all things wedding for a just a few days. Were that I was one of the bees like snaps or martini that got to go away on VACATION from all the planning WITH my love.
But alas, 2 weeks and counting til I see E, and it will be all wedding and family. I am saving my travel excitment for my Italian honeymoon!!

I am slowly coming back....and I am ready to make some decisions! The big one will be announced later as I have a meeting with the lady whom this decision post will be about, and I want to bring my blog pictures and more details. Soon!!

But another big one is...you guessed: a honeymoon decision!!

e and I still have all the details to discuss in a couple weeks, but we have settled on a honeymoon in Italy, with goals to visit Florence, Venice, Rome and Sorrento, at least.

E traveled to Rome during his semester abroad in 07 and has been DYING to go back and everything else romantic Italy has to offer. We've got great recommendations from people who travel a lot and whose opinions we trust, so we're going for it!

Is it going to be a financial hardship? Maybe. Maybe it's not THE most responsible decision ever, but as Fi says, "If we don't do it now, we never will."

So, until next time, I leave you with....

image 1 & 2 from http://wikitravel.org

from http://images.google.com
(can't find the original citation!)


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