Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Registry Blues


This is the best descriptor of my experience at Macy's.

E and I trekked to Macy's on Monday before he left for home, hoping to complete the registering we started at BB&B and find a comforter set we both loved.

Outside of the fact that we received poor service, no one knew how to get us started on a registry, there was almost NO selection in the store, and we were both told to basically register online....

You mean, besides that? The thing that irritates me the most is that I went online, just like they said. And I actually found something I think I like (much to my surprised). And E likes it too! We decided on a modern southwestern style for the bedroom. We'll be in southern california. I can dig it.

Here it is, in all it's Calvin Klein glory:

So, I log into my wedding registry account. I search "Sequoia" in the bedding section. Imagine my chagrin when I find that it is not available for registry!

Maybe it was because it is on sale (see, guests, affordable gifts!) But anyway, I have searched high and low (OK, at BB&B and Carson's) and can't find anything that fits both our styles and still fits E's dream of a Southwestern-looking bedroom.

Have you ever had a major registry dissapointment? Did you find yourself buying things yourself, or registering at multiple places just for an item or two?


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