Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the ladies dresses

This isn't THE most exciting post...but I realized I have never shared my bridemaid dresses on the blog!

This was my first and easiest decision in the wedding so far. I looked at about 10 different styles online and narrowed them down. I sent 5 ideas to my bridesmaids and got 5 different opinions.

So I went to a few bridal stores in person with my two younger sisters who were the models.

I was looking for something strapless (for me, the easiest to look good on my bridesmaids bodies--from 5'2 to 5'10 and size A to D....and size 2-10) and simple, with an option for two colors (by using a sash or bow in most cases), and tea-length, to contrast with my dress. I was also looking for a simple rouching or pleating to match with my orginal dress choice (which I have since left behind)

Meet little sis--dubbed K1

I loved the crumb catcher top online, so did one of my bridesmaids, but no one liked it in person. It sits far off the chest and looks like it would live up up to it's name: catching crumbs

on K1: This taffeta-like material was too shiny, the dressy was too long, and the bubble bottom wasn't bubbly. I LOVED the top of the one on K2 and the length, but again, no-likey the material.

I am stuck on this bubble bottom on K1....so much so that I cannot even consider at K2's dress. (and i do not like the trim) I also love the sash which is rouched and made of organza which makes a good accent.

I like the top on this one as well....just wasn't sure about the way the bottom of the dress layed.

So here is the Dress! Alfred Angelo 6453. (the dress on K1 in picture 3)
This is the color it will be in--Celadon. However, the sash with be espresso brown.

My plan is to let girls do the rest for themselves, head to toe. I have a few ideas for gifts to accesorize (maybe), but if not, here are my few guidelines:

Hair = au natural. How crazy is it that among five girls whose hair ranges from platinum blonde to dark brown...ALL of them have naturally curly hair. All I ask is that they leave the natural looking curly. It can be up, half up, all down, whatever they come up with.

Jewelry = no long, beady necklaces. Nothing too gaudy. Anything else goes!

Shoes = something strappy and silver.
Bridesmaid dresses = the only easy thing to check off my list so far! wahoo


DietCokeStraightUp said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I can't wait to read up on your wedding planning! Check out my blog and I love the first brown dress!

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