Monday, December 29, 2008

sneak peak...and a welcome visit

I had grand schemes of posting blogs when I was home for the Christmas holiday. When the internet was out at our house for some of Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday, those ideas got nixed. I cooould blog while I am visiting fi in California (where it is 70 degrees right now!!) But who am I kidding?

Instead, I'll give you a little preview of blogs to come. SOON. I promise.

  • DIY-Christmas pictures ornament (my very first wedding-related DIY project EVER) In fact. my very first DIY project since I've been an adult.
  • Engagement photo book. (Can't post pictures until after I give it to E)
  • Ceremony decisions made (i.e. music, order of services, people involved)
  • planning the California reception (with FMIL!)
  • A California New Years! (and lots of pictures)

I had a great, but lonely Christmas...and I am looking forward to being in E's arms again. Every time apart since we've been engaged has been getting harder, and harder and harder.

I'm off to catch my flight! California, here I come!

(ps. no, the reality that I am moving to California has not set in. I still get super excited when I think about visiting it...much less living there :-) )


hisMrs said...

I hope you enjoy your time in Cali. It's a little chilly for us, but still beautiful. (A lot of people would get angry for me saying it's chilly with the beautiful sunshine everyday) :) I can't wait for the updates!!

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