Thursday, February 19, 2009

a little detail

Hi bloggers! I'm back from Cali and while I hat being back to single digit temperatures, I'm ready to dive back into wedding projects full force.

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE thrifting?

Thrifting: The act of shopping at thrift stores, resale shops, flea markets and garage sales to find the best things for the best deals!

I was browing through the jewelry counter at a local thrift store the other weeks and saw this broken pin.


Then an idea came to me. I'm going to have the seamstress attached it to the skirt of my dress (I can't pin it because the pin portion has broken off the back).
Because my skirt is gathered on the left side at my hip, this will be the perfect little accent.

Isn't it just too cute? I've got lots of other thrift store find to be posted soon!

What wedding items have you found in unexpected places?


Fall Wedding Bride said...

That is beautiful!! Great find...

melissa said...

Great find! I also love thrifting and hope to do some this weekend to find a broach or earring for the center of my hair flower.

Jane said...

that is a great find. very creative too. love it.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Great post! If you get the opportunity, please pray over the prayer requests on the main page at .

God bless,
Mark Seay

DietCokeStraightUp said...

This is beautiful!!! I bet it will look amazing!!! I hope to find things like this and use them as "hair jewelry"!!

hisMrs said...

That is SO unique. What a great find! I can't wait to see what it looks like on your dress!!!

P.S. I left you a surprise over at my blog!

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