Friday, February 13, 2009

Just the things I love

As you are reading this, I am probably on a plane to Cali for a [short] long weekend with my love. This will likely be my last trip to California as a fiancee! Although fihates taking pictures, I hope to come back with at least a few. We have no exciting plans(except for V-day!) Some apartment searching if we feel like it, and maybe work on the wedding music. Otherwise I hope to relax, even if the forecast is 56 and raining!

Here's something to hold you over:
I was tagged with the letter "J" by Sarah at Downtown Southern , so here goes!

Jam (the homemade strawberry kind)

Jiliberto's Mexican Food. A hole-in-the wall to beat them all in hubby's hometown of Escondido. We usually share the carne asada fries...which, while heart-attack inducing, are absolutely out of this world.

There is no possible way to make this meal look appetizing to you, so just take my word for it.

Jogging. I don't know what the difference is between jogging and running, but I love them both! I've been know to have a much better habit of it, (wedding planning's been taking up every evening!) But when the weather hits about 45, I can be found jogging out in the streets with my ipod nano and nike plus.


June! Simple for the fact that it will soon my wedding anniversary month and I've been counting down until this month for the last 4! I can't wait for June!!

Journalism. Little known fact: just last year I was the editor in chief of my student newspaper. I love reading small town papers (ok, and critiquing them). I don't read the Tribune as often as I should, but maybe that's for the better. After student newspapers, the "real life" news kind of goes downhill (read: is depressing).


Java. Ok, i love coffee. you knew I had to get it in there somehow.


Jazz. I have a little bit of a closet love the for Herbie Hancock and the gang.



DietCokeStraightUp said...

I want to eat my weight in those cheese fries!!! They look amazing!!!!

CIP said...

Yay loving journalism! I did a journalism internship at a newspaper last year!

Sarah said...

Love your pics!!! : )

Fall Wedding Bride said...

You have an award over at my Blog!

Liz said...

I left something on my blog for you!

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