Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the cutest stationery

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I found this adorable stationery line at Office Max while shopping with Aunt Jet last night! I'd send a link to it, but it looks like Office Max only allows access to their catalog with a login, which I didn't want to make! (I know the picture is terrible, but the packaging was so plastic-y and reflective and I couldn't find any photos online)

I'm a sucker for cheap, cute stationery, even though I never use it! Would you?

PS. lots of DIY goodness to come...I hate to post up half-done projects, so I've been waiting, but things are finally starting to come along...and I'll be back to normal blogging!


Adrienne said...

Great find! I love stationary!

Sarah said...

Hey girlie! That stationary is super cute!

Okay I'm giving you the letter "J" have fun!! : )

Jane said...

those are super cute! i assumed you were at some fancy shop! great find indeed!

melissa said...

I saw this when I was in there the other day! Super cute. I was thinking about getting some for Thank you cards.

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