Tuesday, November 22, 2011

iphone dump

My new iPhone is becoming such a photo crutch. I've only taken my camera out lately to take pictures of my outfits. Instagram is the soup of the month and I'm still not sick of it. Here's a round up of the past couple weeks.

Good morning, Spokane.


SD beer week

Crazy hail!

oreos and apple pie


It's officially winter in the latte house

Baby baluga

1. Spokane, Washington from 14 floors up.
2. My parents visit and we go to Julian on the rainiest day of the decade. Pie and bear hats kept us occupied.
3. The end of San Diego Beer Week. YUM.
4. hail. hail! hail? In San Diego of all places
5. Sweets in a stressful week. Apple Boysenberry pie a la mode, and oreos and milk
6. Pho! (still not sure how I convinced E to try it again - but happy I did)
7. I picked up knitting again. This deserves its own post.
8. the cutest babe growing up way to fast

ps. if you're on instagram, comment with profile name so I can add you!


Jessica Lynn said...

Your first sentence is almost exactly what my husband said to me the other night, including the word "crutch." I hate that I use my iphone camera (instagram, really) more than my dSLR, but it's just so convenient and fun! I've vowed to start picking up my real camera more, though.

very cool on knitting again. I want to learn so bad!

Melissa Blake said...

I love these photos....your baby is adorable!

Chanel said...

Love that oreo picture!

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