Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, E and I were both traveling last week. We each had stressful trips with delays, flight changes, etc and both of us simultaneously has major issues with our cell phones. Batteries dead, service not working when it should, and no access to internet when it would have been especially helpful.

We've been lusting after and researching iPhone for a few months, but it just wasn't in the budget for us - especially because the required data plans would double our phone bill and force us to switch providers. We thought maybe Christmas presents? But after the stress of ineffective cell phones while traveling, we had both had it. I picked E up from the airport (4 hours later than he planned to come in, and in a different airport) and we drove straight to Verizon to get iPhones.

Word to the wise - after a long stressful weekend of traveling, going to a cell store and getting new phones, starting a new plan and switching providers is not exactly the quickest, least stressful idea. After two hours in the store we left with my iPhone 4 and E would pick up his the next day.

We did some research on the 4S and decided that we'd rather pay the lower price for the 4 because it didn't seem like the improvements were that drastic.

One week into using it and my life has been so much easier! Especially while I'm traveling I love being able to look up places with free wifi, check-in for my flights online, find good restaurants, and get directions to them. And, after ogling all of your adorable istagram pictures, I've been taking plenty of my own!

I have to admit, I'm still not an Apple convert so I'm still getting used to the way Apple products work. It's not intuitive to me. But overall having the iPhone has made things so much less stressful and more convenient. The best part so far is a forever lasting battery life! (48 hours for the first two charges, now its about 24)

Here's a dump of this week's instagram pics. I'm on my way to eastern Washington for my final trip of the fall then I'm excited to get back into regular posting mode (and regular life!).

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instagram 10.31
new very bradley clutch & puppy-sitting

instagram 10.28 the fall? (these pictures were taken 1 day apart)

instagram 10.28
the "West End", and Cheesecake Factory (which I enjoyed with @Momentspassslow)

instagram 10.27
odds n ends. (those documents are from a church formed in 1682 in North Boston!)

Sweet Home San Diego
instagram 10.31

Harbor island.

Enjoying a day off with E - finally!


Sarah - said...

Great photos...I love Instagram!! I also love my iPhone...seriously my life totally changed when I got one! I am obsessed! ;)

Clothes Karma said...

So sorry to hear about your phones and all your traveling snafus. But I'm glad that all is well in the world again and that you're able to share cute Instagram photos. I especially like the contrast of the fall leaves and snow pics.

I'm not an Apple convert just yet, but I do love my iPhone. I had mine for 2.5 years - until last night when I dropped it on the treadmill and it shattered :( Be sure to get a reliable phone cover for yours!

Layla said...

Yay! iPhone's are the best. Unsolicited advice: order covers from can find great ones (including designer) for as low as $3-10 with free shipping. $30 in Target or the Apple store is just ridiculous.

Sara McCarty said...

Color me jealous, I still don't have an iPhone. I have a Blackberry that work pays for, so I just don't see the point of getting a separate (expensive) additional phone. I'm working on getting my boss to agree to let the legal department use iPhones, but he's not convinced they're as secure. That being said, Ryan has an iPhone for work, but I use it all the time. I love it and want one terribly. For now, I have my iPad and I just lust after his iPhone.

beka said...

Ahhhh! I got an iPhone last year but ended up taking it back for my blackberry (I know, can you believe it) because I couldn't text/email while in meetings or driving or whatever, not looking at the phone. Needed the buttons to be able to type without looking.

My husband got an iPhone about 9 months ago, and I am obsessed with it. The gps, the apps... the keypad still gives me issues, but I really think I may be close to switching out the blackberry addiction for an iPhone.

jessica said...

yay for iphones! before i got mine i thought whats the big deal it's just a phone..but now i think of it as my baby. i would seriously be lost without it. and i love love love instagram. it is the best!
stopping by from kelly's korner.

im a new follower, btw. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, new follower (from Kelly's Korner)! My sister lived in Chicago for 4 years while in school and I visited a couple times. It's a wonderful city!
I saw you are going to or were in Boston...that's my city! :) Hope you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I have yet to get a current phone...still using the old flip phone here. But, you're right...there are just so many pros to the iphone. Note to self - don't go to the phone store on a stressing day!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! You are so sweet to read through my posts. I'm so excited for you and your hubby! Fun things to come!

Maria Diana said...

This post makes me want the iphone more and more!

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