Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

It's hard to believe it was a year ago that my whole family was out here visiting us over Thanksgiving. We're taking a little bit of a non-traditional approach to the day this year and going with E's parents to Disneyland. I'm hoping the crowds are light and it doesn't rain, but mostly I'm so excited to go back to one of our happiest places ever.

We weren't planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with a big dinner at all,but shopping last night I found a hormone-free organic turkey and it was small enough for E's family of four. So I'm going to be cooking a belated Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, for nostalgia's sake.

I hope you all have a wonderful time of reflecting on your blessings and spending time with family and friends tomorrow.

I'm thankful for:
My Savior
My husband
Many opportunities for the future, even though ours is currently unknown
Three computers, two bedrooms, one king-sized bed. All the comforts of home
Closets and dressers full to overflowing and an abundantly stocked kitchen
A beloved family
A good job - that is relatively low-stress, pays the bills, has great insurance and allows me to see E for lunch almost every day
Simple pleasures - books, funny tv shows, crafts, makeup, coffee
A lovely community of friends on the internets that continually surprise me with their warmth, genuineness, intelligence, creativity and care.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Taren said...

Aww love your thankful list!! Have a great thanksgiving at Disneyland!!

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