Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our happy place

This week is my busiest week of the year at work. I generally have a pretty chill 8-5 job, but this week I work long days, 6 days this week, plus a class I've added to the mix. It's all a little stressful.

I'm taking a comp day Monday to recover and figured on just lazing around and getting some chores done, because E has a heavy load of school work right now and not much time.

But I opened my email yesterday to an iCal invitation from E to spend Monday at Disneyland together :-)

We haven't been in over two years, and I can't wait. I'm so thankful he's going to rearrange his schedule (including working a few late nights this week) to make it work.

I love this place, and we've already made some really sweet memories at D-land.
Here a few pics of E and I at the happiest place on earth over the past few years.

Sep '08

March '08

july '07

Maybe next week I'll get back to our love story and talk about the first time we went to Disneyland!


steph c said...

That's super exciting!! I'm so jealous that you can just GO without needing to plan a weeklong vacation for it.

Morgan said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend a comp day! :)

I've still never been to Disneyland, hopefully someday!

Sara McCarty said...

That's awesome! I'm so jealous, I've never been to Disney. Have fun and take lots of pictures to share when you get back!

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