Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sardines. Sardines?!

If you can believe this, E has already left me again - this time to spend a few days camping in Zion with our friends who are visiting from the East Coast. Sadly, I had to stay home as I used up all my vacation + some when we were in Italy.

So while I have a few more days of freedom, I wanted to try a food that I'm pretty sure he won't try (and, to be honest, I was a little scared to.


Inspired by KERF, I bought Sardines.

yuck. [or so I thought]

I followed her video tutorial. Whole in a can, sardines look pretty gross, but I chopped them up and within seconds it looked just like tuna! [The flavor is so much richer and more moist than tuna.]
Thr secret ingredient made this recipe for me though - curry powder! It's going to be a new staple in my tuna/sardine salads. So good!


served it up with roast zucchini while I caught up with SYTYCD.


Would you ever try sardines? What about anchovies?

p.s. tomorrow I'm really excited to share my first thrift-store DIY remake! (a la Sarah, the queen of Revival Files)


Sara McCarty said...

I love sardines! I eat them straight out of the can on crackers. Delish! So much better than canned tuna! They're really healthy for you and very filling!

Anonymous said...

I've seen Kath's videos about sardines.. I love tuna but you know.. they're sardines.. I should really try them.

Laura said...

My guy loves sardines. I may have to surprise him with this one!!
And thanks for the curry idea. I never thought of putting it in tuna!!

Here's to try new things!

KathEats said...


steph c said...

Interesting. I don't know if I'm that ballsy, but your photos certainly make it look delicious! I've tried an anchovy on top of a salad once.. and had to drink 3 glasses of water because of how crazy salty it was!

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