Saturday, June 25, 2011

Venetian getaway

As I've mentioned before, E and I are staying very busy working while we're here. The only reason I'm able to be here is because I agreed to work remotely for a few weeks, and E is working hard in his internship. We spend most days inside our tiny flat at the desk/kitchen table.

[I'm planning to put together a day in the life post so you can see what our Italian lifestyle is like -- it's not quite as glamorous as it might seem!]

The pastor here gives E one day off per week, usually Monday. Last week we got to visit Lake Como, and this week because of our anniversary, we were allowed two days off to spend in Venice!

june11 253

As E and I honeymooned in Italy - spending three days in Venice, it wasn't anything new. But two years ago we felt an immediate connection to Venice and fell in love with it , so there was no question that it was worth it to go back.

june11 234

We booked a night at Hotel Noemi, which was a nice hotel with a great location just a one minute walk from St. Mark's Square.
venice hotel

We were a little nostalgic for our honeymoon hotel because of its quiet, tucked away location, but this time we were much closer to the big sites.

Milan 30 for 30: Day 19 [Venice]

june11 274

We didn't make any plans, or see almost any of the sites we felt compelled to last time, just wandered the streets and canals

june11 242

june11 245

Milan 30 for 30: Day 20 [Venice]

june11 256

june11 263

walked in the park
june11 259

june11 262

ate waaay too much gelato [and found a new favorite gelateria]

june11 280

and fell in love with Venice all over again.

june11 258

june11 281


steph c said...

You've officially convinced me that I need to go to Italy! I've never been, but it's definitely on the list. It all looks gorgeous.

Jessica Lynn said...

YEA Venice!!! We'll be one hour from there (looking at your pictures makes it seem so surreal). I'm going to need the name of that gelateria you mention :)

LOVE the photo of you on the bench. Gorgeous.

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

Happy anniversary!! This looks like SUCH an amazing little trip. I'm so jealous! :) I'm LOVING all these pictures! And also, I love that maxi dress on you! It's so cute.

beka said...

So beautiful - and happy anniversary! You look fabulous!

Katie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Venice looks amazing...

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