Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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We're leaving tomorrow and I have to admit I'm getting a little nervous...

Last week bought the first part of a Pimsleur Italian learning course so we can start to get acquainted with the language before we arrive. So far I've learned how to say "Do you understand English?" "I understand a little Italian", as well as: yes, no, hello, how are you, very well, thank you, goodbye.

I'm feeling pretty intimidated though. As the audio class goes on, I'm realizing the intricacies of speaking a foreign language. I'm sure the people will be gracious and helpful, but I can't help feeling silly trying to pronounce words that I know a native speaker might snicker at.

I'm also a little nervous about the cultural differences. We'll be staying in an apartment which serves as the pastor's office, and we'll be spending a lot of time with the families in the church (for dinner every night!) I'm worried we'll feel out of place, say something rude, or not have things to talk about.

I feel like a sheltered American - This trip will undoubtedly be really effective in expanding our horizons, stepping out of our comfort zone and engaging actively with another culture. That's the most exciting part...but it's also the most scary.

Any words of wisdom or assurance from those of you who've spent extensive time in another country?


For now though, we have 4 fun-filled days in the Big Apple! (I've hardly had time to think about it!)

I'm going to take a break for blogging while vacationing and for our first day in Italy.
But I've got a great lineup of guest posts this week. I'm so excited to share them with you!
I hope you'll make my guests feel welcome :-)

And I'll be back here next week--updating from Milan!


Colleen said...

One thing I can assure you - Europeans are way nicer then Americans! They will be very welcoming. Also, in my experience, people enjoy helping other people who are *willing* to learn! Learn how to say "how do you say xxx" and point to things! Learn how to say "can I practice my Italian with you?" ... try to learn as much as you can and they will be appreciative! PS - are you going to be blogging while there? I am SO excited to hear all about it!

Colleen said...

Umm I'm an idiot, I stopped reading after the line! Excited for the guest posts! If you need another one let me know!

Layla said...

SO excited for you to start blogging from there. Safe travels!

steph c said...

Don't fret too much!! I don't have any super words of advice for you, but I'm sure you guys will do just fine! I know that when I went to Mexico, just a few days being around nothing but Spanish already had me speaking and bit and thinking a bit in Spanish!! HAVE FUN!!

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