Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day in the Life

I've been looking forward to writing this post for a few weeks, so I hope you guys enjoy it! This week I spent a day taking photos and documenting what a normal day of life in Italy is like for us. Every day is a little different, but here is a peek into our life!

7am -- alarm goes off. We've been having trouble sleeping because of the heat, and for some reason between 5-8am has been the easiest time to SNOOZE


8:30am -- hop in the shower

9:00am -- breakfast of apple tart and caffe latte


9:30am -- get dressed, ready for the day


10:10am -- tackle the breakfast dishes. Living in a small space we have to do these dishes after every meal...


10:30am -- I get a lot of satisfaction out of cleaning this area. Feels so much better when its sparkling! (The pastor's wife gave me a hint to cleaning the stainless steel - vinegar!)


10:35am -- take OOTD (Outfit of the Day) photos for Latte Loves Style on the patio. Usually I have to tie the camera to the fence and use the timer, as not to bug E (who is in the study all morning)


10:40am -- head to the weekly outdoor market in Bollate for the first time


10:55am -- this place is crazy! I've never seen so many different kinds of vendors -- clothing, shoes, rugs, curtains - in addition to the cheeses, cures meats, fish, produce, and breads.



I would estimate there were around 200 vendors. huge!


I find a doppelganger of my ex-bf's dad. Which I guess isn't SO odd, because he is Italian-American...but funny, because he's also a police officer!


11:14am -- Totally overwhelmed with trying to order cheeses and meats in Italian (and not knowing what to get), I decide to purchase some pesche noci (nectarines), 1 for 1 kg This is about $.65 per pound!


11:40am -- I also stop by a clothing vendor and get a couple of tops for my sisters at 3.5 each, and one for myself.


11:52am -- arrive back at our flat, and it's time to start working. I sit at the kitchen table, plug in our internet pin drive and get started.



1:00pm -- It's already 26 C in the flat (about 78 degrees) so I change into my new top to keep cool.

june11 395

2:30pm -- I take a short break for a light lunch of caprese with E. Fresh mozarella is cheap here and tomatoes came from a neighbor's garden. The pastor's wife prepares it with dried oregano and basil and salt -- so that's what I did.



2:48pm -- back to work....and on it goes.

3:00pm -- i snack on these amazing cookies called Macine. must be dipped in milk!

4:16pm -- take my real lunch break, and go for a walk with E to stop by some friends' to find out when we'll leave for Cinque Terre tomorrow. They are not home (this turns out to be a bad sign), and it is beastly hot. We pop into a grocery store to cool off and pick up jam.


4:39pm -- arrive home with croissants and jam, and I log back into the computer.



7:04pm -- Vittorio picks us up for haircuts at his brother-in-law's salon.


7:20pm -- I realized I have no way to bring a photo of the Katie Holmes pixie cut I wanted to try, and some difficulty communicating. I show the stylist approximately how much I want cut (a lot) and hope it turns out!

7:55pm -- tada! it's much shorter. and I have straight bangs! Not exactly what I was thinking, but I like it.


8:10pm -- we head to Vittorios for dinner with his brother-in-law and his BIL's gf.

8:25pm -- antipasti. Lox on bread, as well as red pepper spread and this incredible shredded cured meat that I can't remember the name of. YUM



8:45pm -- Daniela brings out parsley-tossed cold potatoes, bread and tuna stuffed olives


9:00pm -- the main course -- swordfish filets! baked with olives, tomatoes, and shredded bread. they were SO tender.


9:30pm -- fresh fruit is brought out after every meal. I forgot to snag a photos of the grapes, apricots and nectarines we ate

9:52pm -- ice cream comes out! Chocolate and creme brulee mini ice cream loafs. The creme brulee had this amazing sugary crust.


10:30pm -- the boys smoke while we all chat. Vittorio is the only one who knows English and Italian, so he spends most of the time translating.


11:10pm -- Vittorio and Daniela drive us home.

11:30pm -- sleepy computer research. We found out earlier in the evening that the couple who were going to take us to Cinque Terre have a sick daughter so we can't go. It's technically our 'day off' so we spend time trying to figure out an alternative plan that won't require 2 + hours on the train or too much money.

12:12am -- we give up, and decide to go to bed and see what tomorrow brings. Zzzzz


Stephanie Hain Torres said...

All of your posts make me super hungry!

What is the vinegar concoction to clean the kitchen?!?

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

I loooooooved this post! I loved seeing what you guys are doing there, and I especially loved the food. My mouth literally watered at the croissants. (Haven't had breakfast yet.) also, super cute haircut!

Jessica Lynn said...

I also loooooved this post! Day-in-the-life posts are always so interesting!

steph c said...

More delicious food! Yum. And by the way, I think they hair looks super cute!! Always good to switch it up a bit :)

beka said...

You are adorable! I love the outfits and I think that new haircut is amazing!

honey my heart said...

really like this day in the life post. it's always way fun to read how a fellow blogger's day is going. and the food... too good!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I want to live one of your days! Looks fabulous to me!

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