Friday, June 10, 2011

New York City Vacation, pt 1

When I said before that Milan was overshadowing NYC I wasn't kidding – there was no plan! We literally got to our room, flopped on the bed with a map and said “Well, what should we do?”


I looked up the blog post where I asked for your advice and we started marking things on the map.


We used Thursday night for the touristy (but so stunning) Times Square.


I had no idea Manhattan was so huge! I always thought Chicago was big (and it is) but ohmigosh New York! We walked like crazy. Despite using the subway and wearing really practical shoes most of the time (I NEED to invest in a good pair of sandals), our feet took a beating. We didn’t stop all day! (you may be able to see why)

Walking in Grammercy

Union Square Market

Strand Books

Sunset at Highline Park



is this normal? As we were walking by a guy came up with these huge balloons and all kinds of people surrounded him taking pictures (myself included)

balloons at highline park

We finished Friday at Eately which was crazy on Friday night, but delicious and a lot of fun.


(sorry if you saw this post prematurely. part two is coming!)


Janssen said...

Isn't the Strand MINDBLOWING? I love NYC.

Anonymous said...

I think we were there on vacation at the same time. Small world!

Layla said...

I've never been to NYC but dang it! Now you've got me wanting to go.

MsGarlic said...

I love your dress in the times square shot!

Katie said...

Ah! Looks so fun. I still haven't been to NYC...I need to go!

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