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Guest (re)post: Kate's 10 Globe-Trotting Essentials

My first guest post is actually a repeat of a post that Kate of Elefantitas Alegres wrote for Elizabeth Anne Designs Living Blog in April. She and Ami at EAD Living graciously allowed me to share this content with you guys!
I'm a regular reader of Elefantitas Alegres--and once you check it out, I know you will be too! Kate is witty, stylish and eloquent. She also recently traveled to Italy with her husband, and I have loved reading her trip recaps. When I saw this list, I thought it would be the perfect thing to share as we're packing to leave!


Ciao from Italia!

{image courtesy of author’s personal collection}

Well, actually… Ciao from my living room where I’m wishing I was back in Italia, wandering the streets of Firenze with a double scoop of gelato {1 scoop Nutella, 1 scoop rum, please} or sipping prosecco on a piazza in Roma. You see, the Evs and I just returned from a 9 day jaunt through Tuscany and Rome… from the trails of Cinque Terre to the Ponte Vecchio, and through the hills of Chianti country to Saint Peter’s Square, we packed in a ton of adventures {and wine} {and mozzarella di bufala}. You can follow along as I recap our journey over on EA, but I thought I’d share 10 of my must-haves when traveling overseas right here on EAD Living.

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(1). Cotton Tanks. Lugging a 70 lb. rollie-bag on and off Grecian ferry boats 4 years ago officially cured me of my over-packing addiction. Since then, I’ve practiced keeping clothing to a minimum when traveling internationally… which usually means I end up re-wearing a few tops as well as jeans and dresses. Packing a cotton tank {or four} to layer under your sweaters, tees, and tunics will ensure that your top layer stays fresh {and re-wearable!} as you bustle through your itinerary. In years past, I’ve tried all the usual suspects for cotton tanks {J.Crew, Old Navy, Lands’ End Canvas, etc} and the newly revamped ribbed tanks from GAP blow the competition out of the water. The material is nice and thick, the length is long, and the tank maintains its shape and hue after multiple wears and washes.

(2) Plastic Baggies. Ziplocs… Not just for TSA anymore. Of course you’ll have your quart-size baggie to get your liquids through security {don’t forget your night-time routine essentials if you’re flying overnight!}, but I use a zippered sandwich bag to keep my credit cards, id, and cash together while abroad. This way, I can see exactly what I need and access it quickly – for safety purposes, you don’t want to be fumbling through an over-stuffed wallet every time you stop to buy a bottle of water! I also pack a few plastic grocery sacks in my luggage. Shoes all dusty from hiking? Outfit wet courtesy of surprise rain shower with no time to dry? Pop it in the Kroger sack and you’ll save your other items from “pollution!”

(3) Cross-Body Bag. Way safer than your everyday purse and way cuter than that weird money belt your Nana keeps putting in your stocking at Christmas, a cross-body bag will allow you to wander hands-free and dissuade potential bag-snatchers. Make sure you pick one with a zipper or tight clasp. This one from Banana Republic is the perfect blend of style and security.

(4). SPF. A a big, ‘ol “duh!” in the summertime, but don’t leave your skin all naked-like during the rest of the year either! We’re constantly outside whilst on vacation, so I’m never without a tube of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. It makes protecting my face a no-brainer since it’s part of my make-up routine.

{images credited in text below}

(5). Pashminas / Scarves. An easy way to add a little personality to those interchangeable travel basics, a big scarf is also an easy layering piece in case of temperature change – a godsend if you’re bopping about from sunny plazas to air-conditioned museums or away from your hotel from dawn until dusk. Bonus Points: Much softer and prettier than those smelly airplane blankets. Extra Awesome Bonus Points: Your bare shoulders won’t preclude you from visiting holy sites if you’ve got one of these suckers tucked into your bag. {photo credit}

(6). Tide Pen or Shout Wipes. Remember that highly edited travel wardrobe you packed so carefully? T’would be a shame if you dripped pesto down the leg of your favorite pair of jeans on your second night in Italy {hypothetically}… unless you remembered your trusty Tide Pen, of course!

(7). Mini Kleenex Packs. Great for the sniffles, yes, but even better for restrooms {or holes in the ground… I’m looking at you, Chiang Mai} without toilet paper or extra drippy gelato.

(8). Zippered Nylon Tote Bag. For day trips or outings that might require a little more personal storage, a zippered nylon tote is your best bet! The material is easily cleanable {just wipe it down with a wet cloth}, the zipper will keep the pickpockets at bay, and it can double as your carry-on. I’ve used both Herve Chapelier {pictured} and Longchamp bags with great success, but there are tons of options available!

(9). Light, Weatherproof Jacket. While a pashmina can combat a bit of a chill, having an actual jacket at your disposal during the milder months is always a good idea. While not a full-on rain jacket, this Runched Waist Anorak from Ann Taylor Loft provides a good barrier from mist and drizzle and is the perfect weight. I also loved the nipped in waistline!

{image courtesy of author’s personal collection}

(10). Sparkle TOMS. When I lived in Spain, I was all about the Pumas. My early-twenties-feetsies were clad in Mary Jane-like Merrells when gallivanting in far-off locales. But, at 28, my traveling toes belong only to TOMS. Gold Sparkle TOMS to be exact. Not only are they cute, but they are comfy as all get-out! My goldies scaled the Duomo, the Florentine clock tower, and the Castello di Angelo, not to mention tread miles upon miles of cobblestoned streets with ‘nary a blister or hot-spot. And of course, for every pair purchased, TOMS donates a companion pair to a child in need. You can’t beat that with a stick {of salami} {covered in slices of pecorino} {and shaved onto crusty bread}!

So, now that you have my list, tell me… what are some of your can’t-live-without-’em travel essentials?


Of this list, I'm bringing my burlap toms, the light weiht Isis jacket I got for my birthday,


Micah and Catherine said...

I love your list. Mine is REALLY similar.

beka said...

This is a great list - and I am SO glad to see that someone else does the whole "kleenex in my pocket in case there is no toilet paper" trick while traveling!

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