Monday, June 14, 2010

We've got a Latte Love: MORE photos?


I'm eventually going to write up a big regrets/what went wrong post. And I'm hoping it will be very cathartic to finally release the frustration of all the things that I disliked about our wedding day.
One of my big regrets is how we used our cocktail hour. I originally planned on having all our family pictures taken at the country club during the cocktail hour because I really wanted outdoor photos.

Well, as it turned out, a lot of my family was helping move decorations/clean up at church so we were on our own. I wasn't sure about mingling with our guests before our grand entrance (what was I thinking?) so we took some more shots of E and I.



Chris and Sara got the idea to try to recreate one of their wedding day photos from 10 years earlier. It nearly resulted in a torn veil and a groom wipeout. But I love the way my dress billows in this picture!

we kissed [made out!] by the weeping willow

this photo made our photographer's business card!

I hate my profile, but love E's face in this pic (plus it's a great shot of my jewelry!)

By this time the wind was picking up and the forecasted storms were well on their way (Check out some of the weather photos from the area on our wedding day!)

We attempted some family pictures.


But the wind was brutal and we were all (especially E) really sick of posing. It was time to party!

Finally, we traipsed in, grabbed drinks, and lined up for our big entrance.


Jessica Lynn said...

I know this may sound strange, but I'm looking forward to reading about your regrets. So often we paint this perfect picture of a wedding and while everything could go right and it could still be "perfect," I really think there is room for regret.

I started making a list—it's tiny as of now—but even just writing down the "coulda, shoulda, wouldas" is very therapeutic.

Sara McCarty said...

You are so stinking cute. I love that picture of you guys kissing by the weeping willow. I think that's my favorite so far!

Miss Hot Wings said...

Oh my.. look at that weeping willow make out photo! That should totally go up on a bedroom wall or something. Super beautiful

Katie said...

Ohhh my goodness! The photo that made your photog's business card?!?! SOOO pretty! Stunning stunning stunning

Jenna said...

I feel a bit sad that I've seen your name SO many times both on TW and WB and I've never seen your wedding photos! Just not enough time in the day! The photo of you kissing by the willow tree is just lovely, and your wedding day looks beautiful.

P.S.-I hope we meet sometime too!

Regann Dee said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I'm dying to get my professional pictures back.
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