Thursday, June 17, 2010

We've got a Latte Love: The fun begins

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As the last of the guests found their seats in the banquet room, the bridal party and parents lined up for the grand entrance.

Press play to hear the song we chose for our bridal party entrance.

photo by Stephen (DJ)

photo by Stephen(DJ)

We got pumped as our bridal party paraded in dancing and cheering.

Then it was our turn!
We took a deep breath and squeezed hands before making our big entrance.

photo by Stephen (DJ)

photo by Stephen(DJ)


for some reason I bite my lip and close my eyes when I'm excited?


We loved the songs we chose for the entrances, and had a blast walking in. An entire room of people that love us stood up and cheered.

I don't think there is a bigger high than the feeling we felt walking into the reception. I wanted to scream and cry at the same time.

We got seated and the toasts began.

My dad asked me several weeks before the wedding if I would be comfortable with him speaking at the reception. I thought he would give a welcome to the guests and a toast! Instead he had prepared a two page speech, recounting embarrassing childhood tales, more recent escapades, and his feelings about me being the first to "fly the nest".
It was really moving for me, but I later I did feel bad for some of the guests who wouldn't understand the inside jokes and drawn out stories!



Sister White Choc gave her MOH speech. I knew she was going to write it down ahead of time because of her nervousness to speak in public. But it was still sweet and sincere. We've had a roller coaster relationship through the years being barely 17 months apart. But we've both gotten older and wiser and I'm proud to call her my sister!



Lastly, Alex, the best man, was up.
Alex is brilliant and funny, so I knew his toast would be fantastic. (I am so disappointed we don't have it on film!) Alex and E were college roommates since before E and I even met, and they are a blast together.


Check out my obnoxious laugh face! We were like this for most of his toast.


We raised our glasses and everyone toasted us newlyweds :-)

Later, looking at these picture I regretted not hiring a videographer for the reception (or at least asking a friend to take video of a few moments--the entrances, toasts and first dance)
I'm afraid of forgetting what it was like!

I had asked my grandfather to give the blessing over the meal. He is a man very in touch with his emotions (which I love!), and his prayer was so sincere and loving. (ps. his mother was my great grandmother we visited earlier in the day)


Finally it was time to dig in!


Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Looks like so much fun!

We didnt have a videographer either but asked a family member to take a few bits & pieces as I would never have remembered the speeches otherwise!

Sara McCarty said...

I am just completely loving your recaps. Love love love.

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