Thursday, June 17, 2010

We've got a Latte Love: Party all night long

We opted to wait until after dinner for our first dances, so after the toasts we just enjoyed each other's company and yummy food.

We tried a pork and beef option at our tasting and weren't totally impressed, so this was our menu:
Garden salad

Minestrone soup

Asparagus with feta

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes

Lemon Chicken Piccata
Chicken Florentine (to DIE for)
Baked ziti

We ate enough, maybe even too much! I had heard enough from my Weddingbee girls that you should eat whenever possible on the wedding day, and I have to say I was stuffed at the end of the night!
The drawback of this, was that we were so busy eating, we didn't get to greet many of our guests. I was really disappointed about this the day after the wedding, because once we left for our honeymoon, we were moving almost directly to California. So our wedding was the last/only chance to spend time with all my family and our friends.

Our slideshow played in the corner during dinner, which was a great idea for us as people could watch or not watch if they wanted. I have mixed feelings on slideshows (especially long ones) because for newer friends and in-laws, baby pictures aren't always terribly interesting. But people seemed to expect it, and our DJ offered to do it as part of our package--all I had to was send him photos in chronological order!

I'm embedding the three sections of our slideshow here for anyone who is interested, but please feel free to scroll right on past them! (I'll list all the songs used at the end)
God Made Me by Judy Rogers
Sunshine by Johnny Cash
You're my Home by Billy Joel
The Dress Looks Nice on You by Sufjan Stevens
In My Life by the Beatles
Anyone Else But You by the Moldy Peaches
Beauty and the Beast (instrumental) by Alan Menken (let it be known that this was entirely E's choice! Disney has a place in our hearts, but I certainly don't think him a beast)

It took us ages to come up with the songs we did so I hope someone finds them helpful!

Somehow 6pm turned into 8:40 lightning fast and it was time for the dances.
Press play before scrolling through the photos

Let it Be Me performed by Rosie Thomas


We danced like high schoolers and got lost in the moment. But after the first 30 seconds, we started to realize all the eyes on us and were glad we picked a short song!


I never gave my bridesmaids clear instructions on keeping the "wings" of my bustle under wraps, and I didn't realize i had virtual horns coming out of my backside all night until I saw these pictures. Ugh!

photo by Stephen (DJ)

I danced with dad to "My Girl" by the Temptations. A little strange because it's obviously a more romantic song, but we grew up listening to the Temptations in my dad's old honda on cassette tape so it holds many fond childhood memories for us



we laughed and chatted, I did a final spin and we scooted off.

Then E took the dance floor with his mom. They are really close, and the dance was so sweet to watch!




We had asked out guests to wait on the chocolate fountain until we did our first taste, and guests were anxious!
So we each dipped a strawberry and fed it to each other.

and sealed in with a chocolatey kiss

Then it was back to the dance floor for the dollar dance.
BM and MOH ready to collect for us.


It started out slow--we danced to some Rat Pack while a small line formed.

my brother


(E also danced with a 2 month old baby! wish we had a picture!)

When things started slowing down, E's groomsmen Austin had our DJ start playing Money Honey by Lady GaGa

The groomsmen surrounded us dancing
and started making it rain with dollar bills!


That really got the party started. We danced (and sang and air guitared)


all my little cousins!



and chatted


and danced some more.




It was absolutely the time of my life!

The night wore one and we did the traditional bouquet and garter throwing


(i threw it right into the ceiling!)



Then the dancing started to wind down, and we started to say goodbye to our guests.

Welcome, blog world, to my ugly cry face, saying goodbye to Caramel


The night was over.

I only wish I could do it over again, and again!

I'm not finished with recaps, per se, but I am finished with the chronological order of events for the day--which is good enough for me!


and just in time.
As you read this, E and I are on our way to a little weekend anniversary getaway. I'm so excited for 2.5 uninterrupted days with my husband in bliss. It won't compare to Italy, but it's something
Can't wait to tell you all about it when we're back!


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Jessica Lynn said...

i've loved your recaps and can't wait to see what else you have to share about the wedding. I hope you both have a fantastic first anniversary :)

Caitlin said...

Bah! Love it. Especially that pic of you and Wil! How could I have never seen that before?! It's great. Love you [and miss you, as always].

Katie said...

I know what you mean about time spent at the reception. We were SO behind ALL DAY (arriving at places when we were supposed to be leaving them...) We were supposed to have half an hour to take photos outside the reception site, but arrived too late, and didn't want to hold up dinnner. Instead we had to LEAVE dinner to take them so we missed all of dinner (which was supposed to be when we walked/talked and photoed with each table. We did not get to talk to half our guests because we really wanted to spend our time dancing. We had a great time, but we definitely regret not being able to spend more time with our guests. We didn't even get ONE drink all night!

Elle Sees said...

sooo sweet. i love wedding photos.

suzy said...

such beautiful pictures!
i love weddings.
so. dang. much.

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