Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We've got a Latte Love: Train Stations, Fountains, and Ice Cream, Oh My!

While E and I were posing for the camera, our friends headed to the church. Some family friends made lunch for everyone.
I grabbed these photos from Toffee and Mocha showing what the bridal party was up to during our first look.

The boys lounged

while the girls trimmed their bouquets (we should have done this MUCH sooner!)

and finally, E & I arrived, scarfed some food, and headed off for the bridal party portraits

A long, long time ago, I blogged about searching for fun locations for the bridal party in the area (within 10-15 minutes of our church). I was really excited about the locations we chose--I couldn't wait to get over there for some photo fun with our closest friends.






After some outside photos, we headed inside to cool off, and took some photos in the coffee shop inside the train station



We requested to go up the spiral staircase to the train's lookout tower. I hadn't thought to check if this was allowed beforehand, and thankfully they let us up.
[I found out soon afterward that they locked the door and didn't let people climb to the tower any more!]

love this shot of E in the stairwell

It was a treacherous climb for a girl in heels and a heavy white wedding dress, but the pictures made it so worth it (and the breeze on a hot summer day!)

(I'm melting!)



I overlooked this picture at least ten times before totally falling in love with it. It's silly and candid and totally captures our attitudes that day


Then it was time to head back down the stairs.

On our way down, Chris and Sara snapped what is easily my favorite bridal party shot!


But wait, you might be asking, what about the "fountains and ice cream"!
Tune in next time :-)


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