Monday, June 8, 2009

For your comfort: bathroom baskets

I bought these baskets for $5 from Michaels about five months ago when my wedding planning was all inspiration and DIY project ideas piling up. I love the liner!

I didn't want to leave this by the wayside, so last week at Aunt Jet's we put our heads together to make a list of goodies for the bathroom baskets.

Do you notice anything wrong with these pictures?


Anyone have any more ideas for the boys? Hair product? (and what to get?)
or do the boys just need fewer things in the bathroom?

In case you wondered, here's my list for the girls basket:
air freshener
drinking cups
body spray
hand sanitizer


Caroline said...

Cute idea!

Candice said...

I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind having some Tylenol as well! I would also do some Shout wipes/pens in case the clumsy boys drop something on themselves! Um...after that I'm pretty must lost for ideas! Good luck!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I would add spray deoderant for the guys, they are usually nervous or sweating up a storm dancing... and ibuprofen would be good for headaches! They look great!

Anonymous said...

Saline solution
Candy or Mints

Tina said...

I would agree with the comment above and add breath mints and contact solution or even eye drops. Also, the shout wipes would be a great idea too.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Check out An Atlanta Bride. She did the same and I think she listed contents for the baskets.

J.Rhoades said...

Here's what I have on my list...

Shout wipes, eye drops, q-tips, bursh-ups, gum, mints, individual toothpicks, tylenol, baid-aids, neosporin, tums (for upset stomachs), benadryl (for allergic reactions), tissues, individual combs, lint brush, cough drops, eyeglass cleaner...

I tried to go though a pick the ones that would apply to guys. Some things are repetitive but it's a idea! Good luck!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

these are great.

Unknown said...

Cute baskets! My venue co-ordinator kept suggesting a magazine or two for the boys {though she didn't specify what type *lol*}

A Girl Named Me said...

Not sure why the boys didn't get air freshener in their basket. I'd definitely add it.

I've also seen some baskets that had a few selections of colognes included - but that could get expensive unless you get family members to donate their unused bottles?

Doing this is such a nice touch and really shows that you care about the comfort of your guests.


Krista said...

thats a really cute idea.
guys use lotions and hair products too though, maybe they would appreciate that?

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