Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On our new house, being sick, and 2.5 weeks to go

Hi guys!

It's been longer than I anticipated. I have been sick for a week.
I no sooner walked off the plane in San Diego than my throat started to hurt. Everything snowballed and I spent half of my trip in bed. I made to my interview but I was shaking with a fever and have no idea how it turned out.

I took vitamins, benadryl, mucinex and advil just to get through the week with all the things we needed to get done...and I'm still not feeling much better. It scared me how weak my immune system is right now! I've felt too busy and too stressed to worry about health and now I'm suffering the consequences. So learn this lesson: get plenty of sleep and take your vitamins

But outside of sickness, the trip went great! Our house is just so cute--I can't wait to begin setting it all up! I know this is a wedding planning blog and I don't typically share too much of life outside of wedding planning, but I couldn't resist sharing a couple pictures of the place with you!

Living room (comes with that furniture...which will be great since we're starting with nothing.) and SO MUCH bookshelf space!

Dining room (also comes with the table...which I don't love...but it works!)

My adorable kitchen! I'm so excited about it. There is a desk built nito the wall to the left across from the window, and so many cabinets I don't know what to do with them all!

The very 50's bathroom that is still in great condition. Goodbye to my green, yellow and brown egyptian themed bathroom! What color should I exchange the towels for?

the master bedroom with three closets, a built in desk and 4 cabinets of storage.

the backyard! Stone fire pit, gorgeous tree (not pictured) and a corner for a garden (top right behind that little tree). Our landlords gave us permission to plant anything we want, anywhere we want and I'm SO excited to start a vegetable garden and pretty flowers in front of the house!

As far as the wedding:
  • We are almost done with our semi-custom vows
  • The ceremony program is complete
  • California reception invitations are finished
  • Got almost all our RSVPs (and are confident the rest aren't coming)
  • Seating chart is done (whew! it was not fun)

this week:
  • meeting with the florist making our bouts
  • order flowers
  • final meeting to go over venue
  • meet with Dj and coordinator to final reception schedule and playlists
  • make Escort cards
  • work on wedding weekend schedule
  • make OOT bags


Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

i hope you start feeling better soon! the house is soooooooooooo cute! those cabinets will fill up so fast after the wedding! as for the bathroom, i would say go for dark brown and creams.

The Wife said...

aww cute home! feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Feel better before Saturday! I want to celebrate with a happy and healthy katie!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sorry I can't comment as often as I'd like..
Hope you're feeling better now! The home is cute! It's so fun settling into somewhere new!

Dana said...

cute! i have almost the same 50s bathroom except the floor is pink too! i did gray towels and it works well to play down the pink :)

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