Friday, July 22, 2011

babies make me a little nervous

I'm baby-sitting tonight.

This is probably totally unremarkable to some of you. But I almost never babysit.

The story is that a coworker's wife who became a member of my book club has two little guys and after we'd gotten to know each other a bit, she asked me stay over (after the baby was in bed) for a date night or two over the last year. So I basically fed and put to bed a 3 year old, then watched tv. That's not really baby sitting.

But she referred me to a new co-worker who needed a sitter, since she knew E is still gone and I'm lame and didn't have any plans. And now I'm watching a 9-month-old for five hours tonight.

It can't be that bad and I'm not clueless - I'm actually confident in my diaper changing and bottle-warming abilities - but I haven't really babysat in a long time...and I feel like this is some kind of preparedness test for having my own children.

I even called my little sister to ask for advice because she has done approximately 452349 times more babysitting than I have and still nannies regularly. She basically told me to chill out and play toys with him.

Mommies of 9-month-olds (or former 9-month-olds) - anything else to add?

ps. On a baby note -- one of my good friends, A, is 30 weeks pregnant and last night while watching the new Harry Potter movie she grabbed my hand and placed it on her belly to feel her little girl kick. What a crazy feeling! Life is pretty amazing.


E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

No real advice, but I will say I never ever enjoyed babysitting, yet I LOVE spending days with my own baby. It's true that it's totally different when it's your own kid!

Katie said...

Yea, I'm with you. I know just about diddly when it comes to babies. I used to babysit three kids, including an infant when I was a teenager (why did anyone allow that??) and I have no idea how I did it. I somehow managed though. My husband knows more about taking care of babies than I do because of his 6 nieces and nephews. I would have to like go through a training course if we ever had kids. Swaddling- wth? Car seats? Can't work 'em. I'm helpless. Which is ok, I guess, since I have no inclination to learn otherwise. It also gets me out of baby-sitting.

Kira said...

I work with kids, and have done so for many years. BUT I would be a total fish out of water babysitting an actual baby. They're cute but kinda scary!

Murissa said...

I feel you girl!
Babies do not like my company and in turn I reciprocate the feeling. Who enjoys a crying baby in their arms. My face always goes red.

I babysat kids that I knew and they were always more fun than kids that I was unfamiliar with, like little strangers you have to try to get to know and please.

I am sure my thoughts will change when it is my own child.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Katie said...

Gah...I would be freaking out if I had to babysit a baby like that! I have actually only held a baby about 1-2 times in my life (other than my little brother when I was 5 years old). I've never changed a diaper...fed a bottle to a baby...etc. I wish I had that experience, because I'll be honest: it makes the thought of having children terrifying. So messed up. Haha!

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