Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mama visits San Diego

When I knew E and I were going to be apart for five weeks while he stays in Italy, and I had to return home for work - I called up my mom and asked if she wanted to come out and spend a weekend in July. It all worked out last minute, and it was so nice to have her here!

My mom and I are really different - I'm much more similar to my dad [it was funny to hear my mom say "wow, you are your father's daughter" during the trip] but there is something so comforting about having your mama home with you.

Italian-style dinner on Thursday Night (antipasti, primo, secondo, followed by alcohol/espresso)






my grandpa also came out to visit, and he spent most of the weekend with his brother who lives in Inland Empire (about 80 miles from me), but we got together for dinner on Thursday and Sunday


Saturday in Seaport Village



seaport village




Grandpa and his brother

he is the best.

I'm again reminded of what a blessing it is to have a family like mine.


steph c said...

I love how you made an Italian style dinner. Way to bring Italy home with you and share it with the family!

BigAppleNosh said...

What a lovely visit! And it's so cute to see that you and your mom have the same smile! :)

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

I really, really love your hair. Also, you and your mom look alike! :)

beka said...

That haircut is amazing on you!!

Love the pictures of your beautiful mama and your lovely grandpa. So sweet.

Kira said...

So so cute that you made dinner "Italian style." The boyfriend has been requesting a trip to San Diego sometime soon - can you and I hang out if we go? : )

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