Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Souvenirs from Italy

I was excited that Catherine guest posted for me about buying souvenirs when traveling. it helped me prioritize the things we could and should come home with.

While food was one of the best parts of this experience, I couldn't take many of the things I would have loved to, home with me (Mozarella de bufalo? yes, please.)

I'm still not sure what E will bring back with him next month, here is what I took home from our Italian adventures:


1. The church in Milan gave us this beautiful espress cup set from an Italian brand, Thun for our anniversary. It's a 2011 exclusive set for us to remember the anniversary we spent there.

Thun: 2011 exclusive espresso set

2. After we tasted Rosanna's creme di limoncello, a recipe from the Napoli region, I had to take some home with me - so delicious!

3. The balsamic vinegar we had in Italy was leagues above anything we've tried in the US. This balsamic reduction is fabulous for caprese salad and seafood.

4. We were gifted some Illy espresso grounds from a family in the church.

5. Italian stovetop espresso maker. This is the old school, better tasting espresso maker (Kate and Rob agree!) You saw a version of this in my post on Italian breakfasts, and I couldn't bear to give up my morning caffe con latte! We were told this is the best brand you can find.

6. Shoes! I got these Italian leather sandals at a local store (brand is Sonoitalyana) (see them styled here)
june11 505

7. I was not planning to buy any more shoes...when I stumbled across these sexy heels on clearance and couldn't leave without them. (see them styled here)
june11 503

8. I took two of these kilo bags of espresso beans home (4.5 lbs total). We have a grinder, so I grind up a couple days worth of grounds to make in our stovetop maker.

9. Sfolie was one of my favorite pastries in Italy. I ate these often, and took home a jumbo package which I'm slowly working through... (and not sharing!)


steph c said...

Great souvenirs! I absolutely love the espresso cups - such a beautiful (and useful!) reminder of your anniversary and Italy!

Katie said...

Ooooh love love love both pairs of shoes you picked up! I think I would have filled my suitcase with new heels and such!

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