Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Latest Treasures & Some Tips

I still haven't decided if our local thrift store is just that awesome, if I have a keen sense for treasure hunting, or if I'm just an impulsive buyer, but E and I headed to the thrift store this weekend and I came home again with a cartful. (This is one good thing that comes from having to bring cash...I'm limited to what I've taken with me)

I was looking particularly for good, but cute walking shoes, and dresses.

I came across these Land's End shoes that were in perfect condition (I'm really picky about thrifting shoes). But there wasn't even slight wear to the soles! They're perfect for long days of walking in NYC or Milan.

boho maxi dress

Melange tunic

H&M striped top

drapey short sleeve sweater

E ran to school while I started shopping and when he took longer than planned, I started scouring aisles I wasn't planning to. I found a pair of Lucky jeans in new condition, just my size!

gap skinny jeans in Navy

and this adorable braided belt with the tags still on! (I've been looking for an excuse to get one. $3 was the perfect excuse!)


We also got E two tweed blazers for $10 and $4.

Total: $65

I found a few things too great to pass up, but they didn't work for me, so they're up for sale on my eBay account.

Then on Sunday Brook stopped by with a couple of her finds to try on. This amazing maxi dress and adorable pink Anthropologie dress. (She gave me these both for free, but I know the Anthro dress was $4)



I'm going to reiterate my #1 thrifting tip from Brook: wear a tank top and leggings (with a sweater or jacket over that) when you're thrifting. Many stores don't have dressing rooms, or there are long lines. I tried on probably 30 items in addition to what I actually purchased in a matter of a few minutes, because what I was wearing was modest enough to throw anything on quickly. (it sounds like it might be embarrassing or intimidating, but everyone does it!) And it lowers the surprised factor when you get home.

Tip #2 Be patient! Maybe this goes without saying, but I probably look through 50-100 items for every one amazing find I pull out. It takes a lot of persistence and patience to really find something at a thrift store.

Now I want to hear your thrifting stories, and finds! Do you thrift too?


Layla said...

Great finds!! I love the maxi dress, the braided belt and the shoes the most, but they're all fab. Could you post dollar amounts for what you paid, or maybe even just price ranges, like a 1-4 $ system or something, just to see what thrifting prices run compared to retail?

lauralove. said...

Okay, seriously - what thrift store do you go to?

Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

Wow, amazing!! I'm so impressed. What store is it?? I'll have to go next time I'm in the area. (Or we could meet up and go together!)

steph c said...

I need to find better thrift stores in our area. Totally love the shoes.

Kira said...

Awesome! You can't get super great deals like that here in LA because they mark up the prices of nicer things.. Lame. I always wear a skirt when thrifting if I'm gonna try to slip on pants. Leggings is a good idea too!

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