Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love Story: Finally

*sorry for the repetition! Blogger ate this post and I had to salvage it and re-post.

To catch you up: I'm writing about E and I's love story (very slowly).
We met in college, we flirted, wrote letters. I visited him with friends over the summer, barely heard from him again, and when we left off, I was anxiously awaiting the first day of school our senior year.

Sorry that this story hasn't exactly been keeping you on the edge of your seat! It was almost forgotten, but I'm finally finishing it up.

When I got to school in the fall, I was really nervous that my summer of daydreaming of E was delusional. But when a bunch of us friends got together the first day of school, E made a point to sit next to me. For the next few days he stopped over in my room, met me for meals, and was generally flirty.
About a week later he officially asked me out on our first date. I was excited in a confident, fist-pull, YES! sort of way. This was happening at last! [September 14, 2007]

Because E didn't have a car at school, I dropped off my car keys so he could "pick me up" (at his request) from our dorm parking lot. (adorable, no?) He left a note under my door telling me what time he'd be there and to wear something pretty, but something I could be comfortable moving around in.

I was...perplexed. Aren't first dates movie and dinner? a long chat over a latte?

I didn't take any pictures of the date, but here's one I snapped before I left.

He took me laser tagging, where I got dominated (as expected) by a bunch of 13-year-olds. I loved that we did this even more as I got to know E better. He wanted to spend our first date seeing how well I could "play". This became an important part of our relationship. (as Kelly put it so well!)

We then went for a walk at a forest preserve near school where we had a deeper and more meaningful conversation than most of our previous ones. We talked about our backgrounds, what we wanted out of our lives, and what we hoped for in a future family.
E made it pretty clear that he was serious about us before we even got to date #1. I had butterflies all night, but not the nervous kind.

We then went for dinner where we lightened up, laughed and were slightly embarrassed that a college acquaintance was our waiter. He didn't have any idea it was our first date! (he called me E's girlfriend which was unexpected, but sounded nice)

After the night was over, I felt a huge sense of relief and excitement that things had finally gotten started. But this wasn't quite happily ever after yet. :-)


Natalie | Make Today Great said...

This is so cute! I'm in love with this story! You two are beautiful together and I understand why.

steph c said...

Eep! This is too cute. I love how he "picked you up". And I can't believe how long your hair was!

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