Monday, May 30, 2011

Date Night at Five Guys

I hope you're enjoying a long weekend.

Since I've been in California, E has converted me into becoming a burger lover. We typically stick with the classic In N Out, but when a new Five Guys burgers opened up in our neighborhood we had to give it a try.

(Do you guys have Five Guys? I heard it's an East Coast thing)


They get an A for atmosphere (I adore the peanuts everywhere!). Its hard to compare burger joints, but I loved five guys for its own sake.

It's a heartier burger with triple the toppings we're used to (I loved the caramelized onions and mushrooms). The cajun fries are to die for.

five guys


ps. yes, I sort of feel like this is a cheat of a post. We're up to our neck in laundry and preparations - almost ready to go!


steph c said...

We have 5 guys! I only ever had their (incredibly greasy) fries.. but they're amazing!

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